Oh how I love trying out new beauty products! Whether they work or not, I get really excited to receive packages in the mail of new products I haven’t tried. Anyone other beauty product lovers feel like this?


*I was sent the Younique “Show Stopper” bag, in exchange for an honest review.

younique makeupI have been trying these out for almost a month now and have a pretty decent idea of what I would recommend out of this and what I didn’t love so much.

Younique Makeup Review

This collection comes with the following:

 1 Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Kit

2 Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder

2 Moodstruck Precision Pencils

1 Touch Pressed Power or Cream Foundation

1 Beachfront Bronzer

1 Precision Pencil Sharpener

1 Stiff Upper Lip Stain

1 Younique Makeup Bag


I have already done a review on the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes so I won’t spend too much time chatting about that. I really love this product, I think it gives great results on the lashes if you have the time to do it, and I am happy that this kit came with a new one because mine was dried out. Click on the link above and check out the full review with photos of the results for yourself!

younique 3d lashes

I got the Moodstruck pigments in “Confident” and “Sexy”. These retail for $12.50 on their own, and they do come in a lot of different shades (32). “Confident” is a shimmer bronze shade and “sexy” is a really light champagne/pink with a lot of sparkle. The powder itself is very silky and smooth.

younique pigments

The color payoff is less than I would like. I tried to use them wet, as I do other pigments, and that helped some. Using a primer would provide the best results with these specific pigments in order to get the most out of the shades. I prefer the bronze shade of the champagne color because the darker of the two actually gave off some pretty pigment on the lid, whereas the champagne color blended out to almost just glitter with a hint of the color left.

I received the Moodstruck Eyeliner Pencils in white (Pristine) and black (Perfect). These retail for $15 a piece. The pencils are really creamy upon swatching them and they stay in place well when trying to see if they smudged.These were two of my favorite products from this collection.

younique eye liner pencils

I have worn them both, on separate occasions, in my waterline to see how well they would stay put and they had a surprising longevity. The white stayed in my waterline for most of the day and did not smear or fade too much. The black was equally as pigmented although I did notice a little bit more fade, probably just because it is an obviously darker color. Really happy with these!

I received the Touch Foundation in the pressed powder form in the color “Chiffon”. It was the perfect color match for my skin, which is always a great discovery. These retail for $32, a little more than my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish, which has been my favorite face powder for years. This powder was very silky and only slightly powdery when tapping a brush into it. It does come with a sponge applicator as well.

younique powder foundation

I do like this to carry in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day. The powder doesn’t apply cakey on top of liquid foundation and the packaging is sturdy with a mirror as well. I would say it only has light coverage if using it on its own as an actual foundation. For light or “no makeup” makeup days, this product is great to even out the skin.

The Beachfront Bronzer is in the shade “Hermosa”. It retails for $32 as well. One side of this bronzer is matte and the other is shimmery. The matte side still has some sheen to it, although it doesn’t have any sparkle to it.

beachfront bronzer

This is a good product for bronzing up the face or the decolletage. I prefer swirling my brush in both sides and using it for this purpose. It has too much of an orange undertone to contour with, but with a light hand it would be pretty for a summery glow. You could also use it as a light bronzer on the cheeks instead of blush. The pigmentation is not great, but the color is build-able. Again, the packing is great and very sturdy. For my skin tone, it’s a little too warm in shade but I think it could be beautiful on other skin tones.

The Stiff Upper Lip Stain came in the shade “Sultry”, which is a deep berry red color. It retails for $22 on its own. The stain itself is really watery in consistency but the doe-foot applicator doesn’t soak up to much of the product, which makes application easy. The stain dries pretty quickly, down to a completely matte finish and does NOT move once dry. The color is not as opaque as a lipstick would be, but provides a beautiful, natural looking stain on the lips. Even trying to wash it off my hand takes various tries with soap and water or a make-up remover wipe, which is great for a lip stain!

youique lip stain

The last two items are the utility products that came with the collection, the sharpener and the makeup bag. I love that the bag is large and that it has space for brushes in the top as well. It would be great for travel. The sharpener is pretty standard quality, but the opening is large so it’s a little difficult to sharpen skinny pencils.

Overall, this collection provides a great variety of products for the price. Out of all of these, I would highly recommend the Fiber Lash Mascara and the precision eye pencils, as well as the lip stain if you like more sheer and low-maintenance products.

I was not a huge fan of the pigments or bronzer, mostly because of their lack of color payoff and having to really build them up to get a good opacity, plus the tone of the bronzer on my skin tone. The foundation is a good product, but nothing anything I would run out and purchase again.

Head on over to this presenter’s Younique site to try these products for yourself!

Have you tried any of Younique’s makeup products that you now love? Which of these products would you try?

*Cheers to being your own kind of beautiful and finding makeup that works for you*

joanna at motherhood and merlot

Disclaimer: I was sent these products by a Younique consultant as a gift for review consideration.