Today, I am chatting all about the Younique Liquid Foundation. More specifically, this is their Mineral Touch foundation, of which they already have a powder version.
Full post with demo and pictures of the younique liquid foundatiion. Youinique liquid foundation reviewI have previously done a review of some of their other makeup products, including the Younique powder foundation, which you can find here.

Let me start off by saying I am not affiliated or selling any of these products. This is my honest and up front review with no strings attached 🙂

Younique Liquid Foundation | Mineral Touch Foundation

A little background on what the claims of this foundation are, according to the Younique website:

“This smooth foundation goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish while optical diffusers blur imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores. No touch-ups necessary. Each shade is also available as a corresponding Touch Mineral Concealer, Pressed Powder, and Cream Foundation.”

So… a lot of good promises to this foundation!younique liquid foundation review

It retails for $39 for .68 fluid ounces of product, which isn’t terrible but it isn’t a screaming deal either.

I am in the shade “Velour“, which is 1 out of 10 shades in the line. It is slightly darker and more yellow toned then Organza.

The consistency of this foundation is extremely watery. It comes with a dropper applicator, which I prefer because trying to pour this or even pump this out would be a nightmare. For that reasons also, you HAVE to make sure that you shake the bottle really well before using, or else you will have issues with the product consistency.

younique liquid foundation

You really only need three drops of this foundation to get one layer of coverage. Here are some before and after pictures of one layer application. IMG_2931

younique liquid foundation


I used a Makeup Geek Round Foundation brush to apply this, and I have also used a flat top Kabuki. I found that the round brush, although still dense, has a little more give and applies this product more evenly without leaving brush strokes. If you do use a flat top brush, I would recommend pressing it into the skin with the brush rather than buffing it in circular motions.

As you can see, it does give really good medium-full coverage. You can also build this foundation up another layer and get even more. It evened out my skin tone, covered any freckles or imperfections that I have (as you can see in the before, my skin had been freaking out!), and really gives a smooth finish.

The feel on the face is very smooth and soft. You do have to work with it a little and really pat it in around the nose and other angles of the face to make sure that the product gets in those areas. It gives off a demi-matte finish with just a hint of sheen to it, as you can see here under a bright flash.

younique close up

The wear throughout the day on its own, and under a full face of makeup, was pretty good. I would say it lasts about 8 hours really well. It settled into my fine lines a little bit after about 5 hours of wear and I had to touch up slightly. But, it never enlarged my pores or caked up on me. I am not oily either, I have dry to normal skin, so I can’t speak to how this would wear on oily skin.

My cons about this product are the price for the amount that you get. It is a little steep, but you do only need the smallest amount of product if you apply it in the right way.

This product has a very floral/perfume scent to it that reminds me of the way Avon makeup used to smell. I am not a fan of that, and the scent does linger for a little while.

It also takes a while to dry down to the “powder” finish, probably about a full hour without setting it. I tried it both ways, and I prefer to set this with a powder after applying it.

Overall, I really like the finish of this foundation. It lasts really well and I think it is a beautiful foundation for a full faced makeup look. For me, it gives a little bit too much coverage for “no makeup, makeup” days.

I would say try it out if you haven’t yet or if you are on the fence. It’s a nice foundation to have in your collection. Find it here—-> Younique

*Cheers to new beauty finds*

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