I’m sure many of you have seen or heard about the make-up line from Younique, namely their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I have refused to purchase this product since first seeing the advertisements for it because I thought it was gimmicky. I wasn’t completely sold on “before and after” pictures I saw, and I wasn’t going to spend the money on it when their were high-end mascaras that I knew gave me good results.

I was contacted by a Younique representative to try it out and review it for you all. As always, my opinions are nothing but honest and I will tell you all both the pros and the cons that I saw in this product.

Younique Fiber Lash Mascara Review

younique 3d lashes

Need to Know Product Info:

*Paraben Free
*Carcinogen Free
*Free from Harmful Chemicals
*Cruelty Free
*Gluten Free
*Water and Sweat Resistant! (think Hot Yoga!) Not waterproof, but water resistant
*Fibers made from real tea fibers
*Gel has collagen which helps build stronger natural lashes
*All ingredients are thoroughly researched before use in products
*$29 for a 2 month supply
*If you don’t love it, you can return it within 14 days, guaranteed

My Thoughts/Experience

I have used this product for about two weeks now, so I have some pretty solid thoughts in terms of how I feel about this mascara personally. I wanted to try this product out with very minimal make-up other then the mascara, because I think that shows the truest results. Here are some photos of my own trial of this product.

younique 3d fiber lash review


Steps: The way that I applied this product is as follows…

1) Curl lashes

2) Apply a thin coat of your favorite mascara

3)Apply a coat of the transplanting gel, followed quickly by a coat of the fibers focused on the ends of your lashes, not the base

4) Apply another coat of the transplanting gel to finish it off. You can repeat these steps and apply another coat of fibers and gel, but I found multiple coats to be slightly clumpier and I got a great result with just one.

5) Comb through lashes with a metal lash comb to separate and fan them out.

6) Let dry slightly, apply a light coat of your favorite mascara to the base of the lashes to even out the look and the volume from top to bottom.

This sounds like a lot of steps, but it did give me a results I was very happy with. I did not experience much fall out of the fibers on my face, although there was a little bit of transfer to my lids because of the length (easily removed with a Q-tip).

Just like any other type of make-up, this mascara is personal. You can try using it in different ways to achieve a look that you want. The Younique instructions say to use it one way, the presenter who reached out to me uses it differently, and I used it in another way completely!


*It gives you some beautiful, long lashes

*It gives great volume to the base of your lashes

*Once you get your technique down, it is pretty easy to use

*You can use it in multiple ways to make it fit your own make-up tastes

*It can be used on its own, you don’t have to buy another mascara to go with it if you prefer not to


*It does take a little while longer then a regular mascara routine because there are multiple steps to the process

*It can be difficult to get off, but no more so then any other waterproof mascara. I have some tricks up my sleeve for removing waterproof mascara pretty easily! (Post coming soon:)

*The price point is on the higher end as far as a daily mascara goes, but I usually prefer the outcome of higher end mascaras anyway (of course!)

Testimonial From Younique Presenter/User:

“The have literally saved my wallet from all the extensions and falsies I used to buy.  I also was not so good at the falsies, but that is a different story 🙂  Wait, ok, one time I was in the middle of literally speaking in front of 100 people at a conference I was hosting, and I sneezed and my right lash fell off – OMG! So embarrassing!  So I vowed never to do that again…I decided to give this a try because my high school friend in the seattle area was selling it.  I was not impressed the first time I used it. BUT after speaking with her, she mentioned to remember that everyone’s lashes are different, kind of like how we think of hair, different thickness, different lengths, different textures.  So she gave me some tips on how to apply based on how my natural lashes were, and it worked!”
“At that point, I had bald spots from a bad extension experience gone bad 2 years ago, and my lashes were a little weak. I was not even wearing mascara, and used thick eyeliner instead.  I got my technique down after a few days, and I was hooked. Fast forward to 1 month after my first try, and my lashes are thicker, stronger and fuller even without the product!  It’s full of so much nutrients for it, that they are so amazing – I now have the lashes that I wanted and tried to have when using all those rapid lash type of products to make your lashes grow!  So when I add the 3D Fibers on to it, they are even more AWESOME-SAUCE!”
Overall, I would say that this is a good product, especially if you want the look of false lashes without actually applying false lashes. It gives you fanned out, long and flirty lashes that look like very natural (as natural as make-up can look:))l. I would most likely buy this again in the future, especially if it continues to give me the same outcome and makes my lashes healthier. Take the plunge, it is definitely worth it to try this mascara!
If you want to try this out, you can purchase it here!
*Cheers to trying new things*

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by a Youinque presenter who asked me to review this product. While I have received products as gifts to review, I do not receive any monetary compensation for these reviews unless otherwise stated. All opinions are 100% my own, honest thoughts.