Mommy & Me Workouts

As a mom, it is hard to workout at home with little ones around. Last weeks Mommy Monday shows just how much my little ones tries to prevent me from exercising at home. But its important for our physical well-being, confidence and just overall self to remain as healthy as we can, even if we have kids that are constantly vying for our attention!

There are plenty of things that we can do to get a good workout in while including our kids. They may not be hardcore gym workouts, but they are time that we get to spend with our families and break a sweat at the same time! It is important to keep our children active and introduce them to a healthy lifestyle at a young age so that it becomes a habit for them. Here are some of the ways that I like to stay active with my girls!

Ways to Workout With Kids Outside

There are lots of things that I like to do in terms of exercising with my girls. One of our tops picks is definitely hiking. My two-year-old LOVES the outdoors. She thinks that everything is a treasure and any animal encounter she is life-changing to her, for the next few hours at least. Here in Arizona, there are TONS of hiking spots around. We just went to Piestewa Peak over Memorial Day Weekend and it was beautiful scenery, but the weather is really hot already. Going pretty early in the morning helps with that issue a little bit at least.

wpid-testUpload.pngI had our 7-month-old in the baby carrier for most of the hike and that was plenty of exercise that day. We hiked for about an hour and a half. The area we were in had about 12 different trails with different levels of difficulty. We chose an easy-moderate one and then did half of a difficult one towards the end of our hike. I definitely worked up a sweat and felt like I got a solid workout in while including the girls in a fun activity! This can be fun with kids of any age! You can change the level of difficulty based on the age of your kids,

wpid-testUpload.pnghiking harder trails if they are older and can handle it. If you don’t have a baby that you can hold in a carrier for that extra weight, carry a backpack with lots of water and ice packs. The weight will provide an extra push in your hike workout and we all need plenty of water while exercising, so it’s a win-win!

Indoor Workouts

There are also times when I am working out and my little ones just want some attention. What better way then to entertain them and add some additional weight to our daily workouts right? Here are some examples of how I had some extra weight to my workouts (the cutest weight ever might I add).

Planksimage: Holding a static plank for a minute or longer while making faces at my daughter makes this all over body toner a little bit more enjoyable to do!




Flutter Kicks: Holding our babies straight up in the air while doing flutter kicks not only works the core and legs,   but now we are getting an arm workout at the same time!


Crunches: Have your little one sit or lay on your stomach while doing crunches with legs at “tabletop” position. Try it! It is a lot more difficult on those abs then you think.image

You can also hold your little one while doing static lunges and squats. This adds a ton of extra burn to these exercises!


If you do workout at home and you have older children, then you can take these opportunities to teach them the workouts and have them do it along side you.

What are some other fun ways you like to exercise while keeping your kids occupied and involved?

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*Cheers to exercising and staying healthy together*