Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it! 

You made it to the half way mark for this week, hooray! It is that time where we treat ourselves to something delicious and relaxing. For some reason, the entire time I have been thinking about this post, the song “Wild Thing” is running through my head but I am replacing the word “wild” with “wine”. It works right? I mean, it is true, wine does make my heart sing!

Chardonnay Wine Review

This week I am doing something new with a chardonnay review. I have not done one yet and I figured not everyone likes their wine sweet. If red is more your style, you can check out my last review on an Organic Pinot Noir.


The wine that I picked up is called Thorny Rose from the Columbia Valley 2011. (Not from California, YAY!) First of all, go check out their website on the link I provided because it is fantastic. Super trendy, really fun, and they have recipes for wine popsicles. HELLO!

Let me talk to you about the first look. The name of the wine just makes you feel sassy. Roses have thorns, this wine is telling you like it is. Like, it is an in-your-face, no holding back kind of wine, which may relate to some of our personalities at times. The bottle is really a fantastic design. Thorns on the wine stem? Come on, the creativity just knocks it out of the park. So stinkin’ cute. Further examination showed the phrase “yes please” on the back… I may say that at least 5 times a day, probably more, let’s be honest. No matter how the wine tasted at that point, really, I just had to get it for the bottle!

At first sip, the wine packs a punch! It has a really distinct tartness too it that you would get out of a really ripe green apple, maybe a not so rip pear or if you bite into a lemon… yea, that kind of punch. It is different than any wine I have ever tasted before and I really enjoyed that because, well, I have had my far share of wine and to find one that is new to my taste buds gives it some brownie points already.

The bottle says that it has a lot of apple notes along with some other fruits. I really tasted the green apple and citrus notes which tells me that this is barely ripened wine. The lasting sweetness that it leaves with you could be from pear, or maybe another type of apple. It is not overly sweet by any means. I would actually compare the taste notes (not the sugar) to one of those green sour caramel apple suckers, bringing it back I know. It has that hit of tart and tangy but leaves you with a sweet aftertaste, nothing bitter.

This wine is not something that I thought I would like as much as I did. I usually enjoy oaked and really ripe chardonnay that have that creaminess to them.(<– Let me know if you want a review on one of those) It is not something that you could sit and drink a lot of at once because it might be a little overpowering. (If you want to drink the bottle though, no judgement.) But to sit and enjoy a glass with some girl friends, done! wpid-testUpload.png

As far as food pairing goes, I would pair this with a goat or feta cheese and spinach stuffed chicken. I can experiment and make up a recipe if you all would like to try one.

So, long story short… If you like wines that are a little less on the sweet and sugary side but still have obvious fruit notes, and maybe packs a little tart punch, this wine is for you! It is pretty inexspensive and the bottle is just… so many darling things put together!

*Cheers to good times and shareable wines*