Cheers everyone! This week, I have reviewed three wines from Sedona that I picked up recently. These are from three different wineries in Sedona, AZ that we went on a tour to. I obviously had to pick up at least one from each vineyard and these are all wines that we got a chance to do a tasting of while we were there as well.

wines from sedona

The different varieties and flavors of wine change based on how the geographical location of the vineyard. One of the vineyards that we went to specialize in a lot of reds because of their location in Sedona. Another has vineyards at high altitudes which allows them to create a completely different flavor profile to their grapes and wine varieties.

I chose to get two reds and a white, for varieties sake, and will be reviewing their tasting notes as well as giving my overall opinion of the wines from their specific cellars.

Wines From Sedona

2014 Mules Mistake from Page Springs Cellars


This specific blend of eight different varieties. The back story of this wine is that the one of the original assistant wine makers at Page Springs Cellars, with the nickname “The Mule”, accidentally combined two blends that had four varieties in each to create this one of a kind red wine blend. It has been in their production now for over 7 years and is an extremely popular bottle out of this cellar. It was my favorite out of all 10 that we tasted while visiting there.

Bouquet: Bright, fresh red berries.

Tasting Notes: You get a lot of bright red fruits in this wine. It is inherently jammy, but slightly sweet at the same time. With notes of strawberry and a hint of tartness from cherries and raspberries, it is an excellent wine for the upcoming spring and summer months. It has a smooth finish, with only a hint of tannins. I enjoy this wine at room temperature or slightly cooler (60-65 degrees). By the color of this, which is a much lighter and brighter red than other red wines, it fits with its bright pops of flavors.

I give this wine a 4.5 out of 5.

Good news, you can order this wine online!

Fume’ Blanc from Oak Creek Vineyards


This white wine from Oak Creek Vineyards is crafted and aged in stainless steel barrels, as are all of the wines from this particular winery. It gives them a distinct flavor profile, in my opinion, and it was a fun experience getting to sample them at a tasting there.

Bouquet: Floral

Tasting Notes: High in citrus notes with a mineral finish. This wine has a crisp balance, high in lemon flavors. 

This white wine is an excellent choice for spring. It has just enough balance between citrus and an earthiness from the minerals to pull you from winter months into the spring and even the summer if you served this well chilled.

I give this a 4 out of 5.

2014 Zinfandel from Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery

IMG_3060This was definitely one that stuck out to me when we were at the tasting at Javelina Leap. This vineyard sits at quite a high altitude, which gives a premium flavor to their grapes, allowing them to craft amazing wines.

Bouquet: Richly of vanilla with a hint of berry

Tasting Notes:Flavors of boysenberry that add brightness. This is combined with a sweetness from honey and vanilla, that absolutely drew me into this wine. There is a hint of spice at the end, with light peppery finish. There are a lot of layers to this wine and they all blend beautifully together.

It is a more bold Zinfandel, but it is a win in my book. It has won multiple awards over the years in Arizona wine competitions, with good reason.

I give this wine a 4.3 out of 5.

Our wine tasting adventure was so much fun, and I loved picking up all of these different varieties of wines that are all native to Arizona. They may all be from the same state, but they are al uniquely different and crafted in many different ways.

*Cheers to experiencing new wines and finding new wines to love*

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