“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”
Paulo Coelho,

Trader Joe’s Merlot

This week’s red wine is Trader Joe’s Growers Reserve label, 2012 Merlot. It was $4.99 for the bottle, which I discovered is actually the price of A LOT of their wines. I am just preparing you all for reviews for weeks to come for wines at a great price!

This Merlot is from San Martin, California and is made with organically grown grapes.image

The color of it is a rich, gorgeous red and is truly the picture of a beautiful wine. It smells like cinnamon covered berries. Honestly, if I could get this in a candle I would just make my entire house smell like it.

In my opinion, this wine is simply and wonderfully balanced. It isn’t an overly rich wine with depths of flavor, but the flavor that is does have is so enjoyable. It isn’t too sweet or too dry, but right in the middle.

Taste: You can really get the spices from cinnamon and others along with the flavor of really ripe and ready to eat plums. I would say without hesitation that this is a wine you could drink the entire bottle of… it is pretty darn good. I do wish the finish was a little bit longer and had a few more flavor notes in the wine as whole.

You could get me to believe that this was a wine under 5 dollars unless I saw the price tag myself. I would absolutely give this 4.5 stars****.* If you are looking for a new go-to, with dinner, with friends, whenever, good Merlot, go get this RIGHT NOW!

 Green Fin Pinot Grigio

This week’s white is also from California. The 2013 Green Fin Pinot Grigio is also another wine made with organic grapes. (Maybe I was drawn to that this week?)

The bottle is fantastic and looks completely hand drawn. My dad used to have a model of the car pictured on the front, surfboard and all! So obviously, I had to try this one out. It was on sale for $3.99. -Bonus-


This wine smells like apples that have been blended flowers. So good!

Taste: Pinot Grigios are known for their sweetness and this is no exception. But, I am pleased to say that it does not have the completely sugary taste that some have.

I get the natural sweetness from the variety of fruits, namely apples and hint of citrus flavor to balance out that sweet flavor. You also get a hint of honey flavor which is really wonderful with the fruit medley that is happening in this bottle.

This is definitely a summer wine. I actually had this paired with a chicken and quinoa salad and it was very tasty.

Before I opened this, I was really hoping that we did better then the white last week… not the greatest. I was pleasantly surprised, thank goodness! I would give this wine 3.8 stars ***.

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*Cheers to tasting, sipping, or maybe drinking the bottle*