Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!

This week, I wanted to do a little something different from my typical wine review. Every time that I am reviewing a new wine for the blog, my husband makes some comment after reading it about “I don’t smell that in there”, or, “It just tastes like red wine to me.”

Since he seems to have such a classy elegant interesting take on wine tasting and reviewing, I thought I would let him review this week’s bottle for us. I even let him pick it out, can you tell?;)


wine guy

The Great American Wine Company Red Blend

(Review by Mr. Motherhood and Merlot)

First of all, let me start by saying anything that starts with “The Great American…” is worth a try. For instance, this fantastic bottle of wine that I am about to ramble on about would be a complimentary pair to the “The Great American Dream,” another grand idea that I figure was worth a try. Honestly, the chase of the great american dream is what led me to hunt for this specific bottle of wine and exactly how I ended up here today.

Before I get into my completely uneducated, inexperienced wine drinker review of this red blend, let me start off by saying I haven’t the slightest idea as to what makes a good bottle of wine. Little secret, I usually only buy wine for a few reasons:

1.My wife usually reviews a bottle of wine of Wednesday.
2.I find some sort relaxing appreciation of art while I pace up and down the aisle admiring the wine labels.
3.It has a high alcohol by volume percentage and doesn’t make me feel as sleepy and bloated as beer.

I really have no idea how to review wine. When Joanna asks me what I think of the wine, my usual answer is: “It’s good” or “I don’t like it”or “It’s dry”. But usually, and she can attest to this, my answer is “it’s good I will finish it!” That’s exactly the case with this bottle of The Great American Wine Company Red Blend by Rosenbaum Cellars. I mean, I am half through the bottle already. To help me stay on track with this review I used a very fitting guide entitled “Geek Technique on How to Taste Red Wine” by winefolly.com


his wine(Custom wine glass by Fab Flares)

Non-Professional Notes: 
What exactly am I assessing: 
     What does the density tell me:  Umm…. It has a nice color. Undoubtedly a purple, it would make a nice work shirt although dangerous to drink in a work shirt. I don’t think the stain would come out. Winefolly mentioned something about tannins and a red-tinged rim on the wine glass. I believe that means it may have higher acidity, but in my opinion it seems to be a perfect mix between acidic and dry. They also made it clear that you don’t need to spend much time looking at the color of a wine unless you’re a fortune-teller. . . Apparently, I am a fortune-teller. (It took me 15 minutes to write this paragraph)
Identifying the Smell: 
     This one was tough because of the fact that allergies are crazy in AZ right now. I can barely smell when my youngest daughter needs a diaper change. The best way I can describe this wine is that it smells like a Grandma’s house. A nice smell of baked berry pie and vanilla, minus the old furniture and antiques.
What am I tasting: 
     Wine! This wine is really one of my favorites. It’s an easy drink, very soft on the palette. Not too dry and not too acidic. It really has a great fruity flavor. You can really taste the blackberries with a light flavor of vanilla.
What conclusions can I make about this wine… Well, It is really a fantastic wine. From the color, scent, and flavor to the great taste and fantastic name. This wine makes for a great ending to a long day of chasing The Great American Dream. It would also be a great addition to cuddling up with my beautiful wife.
The best part of this wine is that the distributor of this wine, TheWineBar.com, proudlydonates to U.S. Military Charities and you can too by clicking the link.
That’s all I’ve got! I’m going to let Mrs. Motherhood and Merlot herself go ahead and edit this wine rant while I finish the last glass.


***Cheers to drinking a whole bottle of wine and not knowing what you’re talking about****
            – Mr. Motherhood and Merlot




A big thanks to my hubby for being such a good sport and for sharing his view on what wine tasting is!

*Cheers to sharing a glass of wine with the ones we love*

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