Prepare yourselves for the best red wine under $30 that you will ever have. I am not just saying that because I like Dave Matthews Band… I mean, obviously I do.  Who doesn’t like Dave Matthews Band? This wine is truly delicious and something that everyone should sample at least once. Disclaimer- It will be more then once because it is just that good!

“It’s a wine you’re going to want to share with your favorite people.”

– Steve Reeder on his Dave Matthews wine collaboration

dreaming tree crushThis could not be more accurate. When I first tried this wine, I was at Culinary Dropout, which is a must-visit restaurant if you are in the Arizona or Las Vegas area. I was with my husband and two of my amazing brothers who were visiting from out of town. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long time, with 3 of my favorite guys, sharing this amazing wine.


Brothers are the best!

Dreaming Tree Crush Red Wine Blend

This red wine was a collaboration with Dreaming Tree Wines and Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews Band. It was his contributions and ideas on tasting notes that have created something that is truly magic in a bottle. The grapes for this wine are grown off the North Coast of California.

At $15, you would not expect this to have the immense amount of flavor and quality that this wine has. I put it in the “best under $30” because even with mildly more expensive wines, I have not found a match to this.

This is particular wine is a blend of reds all “crushed” together. With over half being Merlot, it also combines Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Syrah.

The bottle has it’s own wonderful story to go along with these fabulous wine. The label is 100% made out of recycled brown paper. The cork was sustainably grown, just like the grapes used in this wine. Dreaming Tree prides themselves on creating delicious wines as well as doing their part for the environment, which I think is an added bonus!

Bouquet: Strong berry with a hint of sweetness from caramel notes

Tasting Notes: A blend of berry-licious flavors. You get a really smoky flavor on top of the berry at first, thanks to the 16-month oak aging process that goes into this wine. Then you get hit with this sweet, raspberry flavor that the Dreaming Tree site describes as raspberry jam. 

Overall, I give this 5 stars *****. It is hands down one of my all time favorite wines.

I paired this wine with the Roasted Salmon and barley dish at Culinary Dropout, and it was TO DIE FOR! My brothers all had some type of red meat dish, and the wine paired beautifully with those courses as well. The flavor profile is really versatile in terms of what it will go with what will enhance it, in my opinion.

It is one of those wines that you can sit and savor… and that you just keep going back to! I really haven’t found anything that is close to it in depth of flavor or the enjoyability you get while drinking this wine.  From those that are winos (like myself) to those that are not huge fans of wine, I think this is something that will be loved by many, if not all, who try it!

You can pick this wine up on the Dreaming Tree website, or they have a retailer locator where you can find stores near you that sell this goodness.

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*Cheers to sharing your favorite wine with your favorite people*

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