Where has this year gone? I cannot believe that we will be celebrating Easter in just a few short days. Just like every holiday, I wanted to compile a list of wine pairings that you could potentially use for your holiday meal. Most of the wines I have chosen are relatively inexpensive, but delicious:) These wine pairings for Easter will go great with whatever dishes you serve!

Need some wine pairings for Easter brunch/lunch/dinner? We have got you covered with a variety of wines for all the dishes on your menu!

Wine Pairings for Easter


wine pairings for lamb

Although I have never, and will never, eat lamb myself, I can give some wine recommendations to you all based off of the type of meat and flavor profile that accompanies lamb as the main dish.

A lot of lamb dishes tend to be paired with more high-end wines, since lamb is usually considered a more decadent dish. More fruit-based/flavored reds that have a delicate flavor work well with roast lamb, racks of lamb, and preparations such as these. Because lamb also has a lighter, delicate flavor, it could also be paired with a heavier wine such as a Malbec for a fuller pairing profile. You could also serve a dry champagne if you wanted to go that route instead.

Malbec: Susana Balbo Mendoza Signature, Phebus Malbec (not my favorite, but you can read the review here), Salentein Reserve Estate Bottled Malbec,

Cabernet/Merlot (Red Blend): Dreaming Tree “Crush” (Top Pick), Prisoner Red Blend, 19 Crimes Red Blend

Champagne: Take a look at my top champagne picks for under $25


wine pairings for ham

To me, this is the most traditional of Easter main dishes. We have it every year in our house, we had it most years when I was growing up, and the bonus is that there are plenty of wonderful wine pairings for ham.

If you serve ham as the main protein, you will want to go with wines that have a hint of sweetness to them, since most hams have a natural or added sweetness as well.

Riesling: Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Riesling, 14 Hands Riesling, St. Michelle Riesling (Top Pick)

Pinot Noir: Rex Hill, Pacific Redwood “Organic Pinot Noir” , “Lost Angel”

Zinfandel: Ravenswood Zinfandel, Chateau Montelena Zinfandel, 7 Deadly Zins

Egg Dishes:

wine pairings for egg

It seems like a lot of people serve some type of egg dish on Easter, whether that be deviled eggs as an appetizer or an egg-based side dish during the main meal. It does not sound like “wine” and “egg” would pair together in some beautiful fashion but wine can seriously go with anything in my opinion:)

Champagne is obviously a good option (Hello mimosas!),  but not everyone wants to serve that as a part of their Easter dinner unless you are opting for an brunch or early dinner type meal. You can click over to this post if you are looking for wine/champagne brunch pairings.

I would go for a really dry Champagne to balance with the rest of the meal or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc that will add some lightness to what may be a heavy egg dish (such as deviled eggs).

Sauvignon Blanc: Kim Crawford, Trader Joe’s Coastal,


What are you serving on Easter this year? Which of these wine pairings for Easter will you be using?

*Cheers to celebrating the holidays with family, Easter egg hunts, and a good glass of wine*

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