If you are a coffee lover, or an avid red wine drinker like I am, then you know that the struggle is so real when it comes to teeth stains. Coffee definitely stains your teeth, but people still drink it because… caffeine. Red wine gives you that extra classy “gray smile”, but people still drink it because… wine! I have a solution for both in the form of easy to use wipes called White Wipes.

If you are a coffee lover or a red wine drinker, you need to try white wipes! The best and easiest way to remove teeth stains.When I found White Wipes on Twitter, I was so excited to work with them. I have had that gray smile from too much red wine more times than I can count, but I am not going to stop drinking red wine because it is the best. Now, I just carry these around in my purse with my, and my problems are solved!

I set these out on the table at the wine party I recently held, and they were a huge success, especially because there was plenty of red wine being consumed that night. I have used them quite a bit myself, and as someone who loves wine, I give this product a huge thumbs up in my book!

white wipes

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What Are White Wipes

White Wipes are simple, yet durable, disposable wipe that you swipe over your teeth to collect stains. They have a great minty flavor, which is bonus because white teeth and fresh breath it a win!

Things like coffee, soda, and red wine can all cause discoloration in your teeth. I remember looking at pictures from nights when I have had a lot of red wine and thinking to myself, “My teeth are gray!”, and then feeling grateful for the whitening filters they have on photo apps now.

They are small enough to throw in your wallet, purse, car, or pocket. You never know when you might enjoy a black coffee, dark soda, or a glass of red wine, and no one wants to finish out their day with teeth staining.

These are super inexpensive, and you can even get White Wipes – Teeth Whitening Wipes Designed for Coffee and Red Wine Lovers from Amazon. Seriously, try them out. They are awesome! Even my kids like them;)

If you are a coffee lover or a red wine drinker, you need to try white wipes! The best and easiest way to remove teeth stains.In a few weeks, I will have a post going up about how I included these in some “Recovery Kits” for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas. That post will be up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Such a great addition to have with us.

Check out this additional list of products for wine lovers here!

*Cheers to never walking around with stains on our teeth again, but still indulging in our red wine and coffee needs*\

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