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When Your Child Is Sick

One of the days that I really dislike as a parent are those when my kids are sick.The worst part about kids being sick is that there isn’t much we can do to help them feel better. We can try all the physical remedies and tips we learned from our parents to help them, but we can’t take away their sickness and bring it onto ourselves no matter how hard we wish for that to happen.

The other day, I was up most of the night with my 1-year-old because she was not feeling well. Poor thing was up most of the night fussing, tossing and turning. I was up out of bed every 20 minutes either trying to rock her or change her diaper… she was sick with an upset stomach. Not fun.

When 5:45 am hit and I was still awake with her out on the couch, trying not to wake the rest of the family, I realized it was going to be quite the long day.

You can’t be mad or frustrated when your babies  (no matter how old they are) are sick. You know it’s not their fault that they are constantly whining or in need of something, even after they kept you up all night long.

They depend on us to help them and to try to make them feel better no matter how we are feeling. It is the saddest thing in the world to watch their sick faces as they try to keep things down. The cuddles that you get when kids are sick are some of the best because they just need you, but it also hurts my heart at the same time because I just see the misery and lack of energy in a normally smiling, full-of-life kiddo.sick baby

For me, this day was especially long and hard. I work and go to school from home, not to mention my almost 3-year-old that is extremely active and wants a lot of attention. All of this seems nearly impossible when you have a little one clinging to you every second.

I would almost rather them both get sick at the same time… don’t read that as “I’m a terrible mom and I want my kids to get sick”. But, if it’s a flu bug or something that they will probably both get eventually, I wish it would happen at the same time. Taking care of two sick kids has been easier than trying to juggle one sick one and one extremely energetic and needy one.

What can you even do when this is the case? I try to come up with activities that are a little less active but still entertaining. I’ve found Netflix to be a lifesaver, along with books and coloring. I have pretty much given up on getting much accomplished for myself on these days, but that’s okay. Priorities should be taking care of my sweet girls before doing anything else, no matter how much my control-freak self was dying to check some things off of the “to-do” list.

The day was full of diaper changes, diaper changes, trying to push fluids and saltine crackers, and more diaper changes accompanied by fussing. There were also tears, both hers and mine. But when babies are sick, even if mammas are tired, we just have to suck it up and remember it is our job to put our own needs aside for those sweet little humans we love.

All I have to say is, thank the Lord for coffee… and wine. Because at the end of a day like this, a large glass is in order.

How do you deal with entertaining your other kiddo(s) if you have one that is sick as well? I would always love some new ideas for this parenting challenge.

*Cheers to… kids NOT being sick*

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