Ways to Use Coconut Oil

To believe the hype or not…Everyone has been raving about coconut oil… how many ways you can use it, how good it is for you, how it is this “holy grail” product that everyone needs in their life…

I wasn’t absolutely sold when I first heard about it. I have to use a product and actually have the results for myself before I believe the masses about how wonderful it is. But I can say, I tried it, and I love it! If someone tells you that they have used it for something and they will never use anything else, 98% of the time I would say to believe them.

If not, I absolutely recommend that you try it out for yourself. We, as women, have some many different things that we have to do in order to keep our lives somewhat kept together… hair care, skin care, cooking, cleaning, I mean the list goes on! I decided to try it out in as many ways as possible, and here are some of the ones that I found to be the most effective and noticeably better!

Coconut Oil for the Hair

This has to be my favorite use for coconut oil. I don’t know about you all but I am a hair color fanatic. I color my hair on a regular basis, probably every 4-6 weeks. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I actually had my hair its natural color. I just recently went from having jet black hair, to bleaching it out in order to reach the light, honey brown color that it is right now.

This, as some of you may have experienced with bleach, did some damage to my hair. I have always used leave in conditioners and Argan Oil in order to try to bring some life back into the hair that I killed.

There are all sorts of expensive conditioning treatments to do this but seriously, who wants to do go buy some super expensive product when you can use an all natural substance you have around the house? Not to mention, you can find it for about $8, maybe less for a pretty large container. I use this coconut oil from Trader Joe’s. 



I have tried this method ONCE. It may be hard to think that you can see the results from just one use but I promise you, it is no joke! All I did was put some coconut oil all over my hair, from root to ends, and leave it on for 12-20 minutes. I would try to leave it in as long as possible.


I know that we are all busy but you can clip it up and go about whatever needs to get done before you get in the shower. Then just shampoo as normal. You can also lightly condition if you want but this really is a conditioning treatment in itself.

The results… well they just speak for themselves. So great, right?

The before picture is before I put the oil on. Its much more messy than the first because I hadn’t done anything with it but even still, the ends of my hair have obviously seen better days… The after picture is with no additional product after the shower. All I did was blow it dry and comb through it.

It’s noticeably more shiny and smoother after just one use! I am betting that using this once a week or once every other week will improve hair health and radiance.

Coconut Oil for Oral Hygiene

Oil pulling… It sounds disgusting right? I mean to be honest, the act of doing does kind of gross me out. But this could possibly be because I am a texture person, so the oily coating you get during this only bothers me for that reason. I tried it out for going on a week and a half now.

I have done it 5 times a week, in the mornings before I brush my teeth. Basically, you take a tablespoon or two of oil, swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, DO NOT SWALLOW, and then spit it out. Brush your teeth right after. It is supposed to cling to the bacteria in your mouth, cleaning all of the oral area, helping with bad breath as well as whitening the teeth.

Here is an article on oil pulling from Well Wisdom if you want more info on the process! I noticed immediately after doing it that my teeth felt cleaner. Because of all the swishing around and all the junk it picks up, it will change from an oil texture to almost foamy, this is when you know its done “pulling”. The bad breath thing.. I’ve never thought I had terribly bad breath and I hope if I did someone would tell me!

So I can’t say anything to this effect in terms of the coconut oil. I haven’t noticed an extreme difference in the whiteness of my teeth, but I can tell that they are slowly but surely looking brighter. I do have high hopes for its continued use in terms of whitening and will keep you updated on it!

Coconut Oil for Eyelash and Brow Growth

I am obsessed with having long, thick eyelashes. I do not have this naturally by any means, so I am constantly looking for ways to grow them and thicken them without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on some magic growth serum that may or may not work.

Then I was introduced to coconut oil, game changer! I just put a little bit on my eyelashes at night after my facial cleansing routine. Sometimes we ladies will get gaps in our eyelashes from pulling some out with washing or the makeup we wear. I had a few such gaps a week and a half ago and now they are no more!

I am not going to say that I now have these dramatic, wonderful eyelashes that look fake because they are so va-va-voom! I won’t lie to you. But, I will say they seem much more filled in and naturally thicker then before, which I am nothing but happy with!

As for eyebrows, when I need to I apply a little at night on my brows just like I do my eyelashes. I don’t do this all of the time because I don’t necessarily think I need to. However, sometimes they just look a little thin or I have blank spots where the brow hairs seem to disappear, you know what I’m talking about! Using the oil helps the hairs to grow back where they are supposed to be.

Don’t you love to find products that have multiple uses? I really think this one is perfect for so many things! I have also used it as a make-up remover, especially for waterproof products such as the Younique Mascara.

*Cheers to multipurpose products*

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