Hi there! I’m Joanna.Welcome to Motherhood and Merlot!

This blog is all about the beauty and strength of being a woman, the wonderful world of motherhood and of course, a good glass of wine. Each day that I post will be focused on a specific aspect that is a part of my life as a woman, and something that I hope will be helpful, uplifting and enjoyable for others to read! There will of course be days about motherhood, Wine Wednesday, fitness routines and healthy eating plans as well as my thoughts on fashion trends, beauty reviews and tips, and an essential day to reflect on the week and enjoy the little things!

I hope that you all find fun, relaxation and maybe even a diversion while reading this blog, just appreciating the unique journey that we are all on! Please leave comments letting me know what you think or if you would like to read about something in particular and remember to share with your friends!  Thank you!

*Here’s to going with the flow and a great glass of Merlot*