Today marks two three four years that my wonderful husband and I have been together. In three years, we have not only become parents numerous times over, but we have grown as people, learned about ourselves from one another, and have learned so much about love in our life together.

I thought I would share, in photos, some of my most cherished memories that happened on that day.

Rustic chic wedding decor ideas with burlap and blush colors. Wine bottles details and rustic additions to the decor and wedding party. Our Rustic Chic Wedding

We had a rustic-chic wedding at an older, beautiful mansion in Spokane, WA. That is where we both grow up and a lot of our family lived there at the time, so we wanted to have it there rather than in Arizona where we live. Our colors were beige, champagne and a light blush color. The details were filled with lace and burlap, as well as babies breath all over. Yes, our menus were printed on wine bottles. What else would you expect from me? We had to drink a lot of wine leading up to that day…

I loved every single bit of how it turned out, mostly because I did a lot of it and planned all of it myself so there was  a ton of work and love put into all of the details.

rustic chic wedding

My father passed away when I was 10 and not having him at the wedding was one of the hardest things that I had to deal with on that day. We reserved a seat just for him, right in the front row so that I could have that constant reminder.

memory chair at wedding

Our oldest was 11-months-old when we got married and it was a blessing to have her there. Poor thing was so sick the entire day though.

wedding 15

My wedding dress… the most beautiful thing I have ever worn. I still have it on display in a conservation box in our closet. I love to look at it and remember this wonderful day.It was a combination of a mermaid fit gown that wasn’t as fitted around the legs, filled with gorgeous lace, pearls and floral appliqués. Along with that, I decided to go with an all cloth bouquet of flowers and brooches that I still have and love!

mermaid lace wedding dress

We decided to do our first look and have pictures done before the actual ceremony, and the outside of the mansion was just perfect for these!

wedding 8wedding 7

Our bridal party was made up of 12 of our closest friends and family members.

bridal party in groomsmen jackets

My husband had five friends, most of which he has been friends with since elementary school, and his little brother. Obviously, they are ridiculous. Doesn’t this picture remind you of the Backstreet Boys in the 90’s? That’s the vibe I get.

groomsmen in gray tuxes

I had one of my sister’s along with five girl friends that I love dearly.  It was a blessing to have them all by my side on this special day. The best memory I have is when they all gathered around me as my sister and my mom prayed before I walked down the aisle. I still get tears when I think about those few minutes.

wedding prayer


My husband gave me such a special gift that day. We did exchange our gifts before we saw one another, having our maid of honor and best man deliver them. He had bought me a beautiful diamond cross necklace and included the sweetest and most romantic letter that I had ever read. The words not only calmed me down, but that cross reminded me of the strength of the foundation that we were laying our marriage on, in God.


wedding 6

We had two of my nieces and two of my nephews as the flower girls and ring bearers, which was so adorable and perfect!

ring bearers in suspenders

Since my dad was not with us physically, it was very important to me that my mom walked me down the aisle. She has been so strong for our family since his passing, and there was no one else in the world that I could have seen giving me away. Not to mention, she absolutely adores my husband:)

wedding 1

mother of the bride and groom

Not only did my mom walk me down the aisle, but my brother who is a pastor, was the one that married us. He also sang our first dance song:) With him up there and Mike right next to me, I was only slightly nervous through the ceremony. It helped that they were being themselves, of course, and cracking jokes while we were going through the typical ceremony business. Those two… they won’t ever change!

wedding 13

Our first kiss as husband and wife. Best. Memory. Ever.

first kiss at wedding

Then of course, the signing of the marriage certificate to make it official!

signing of marriage certificate

"just married" burlap banner

All of these memories are some of the best in my life. Now, we have memories with our children together and so many more years to look forward to.

Happy Anniversary honey:) I love you now more than ever!

wedding 9

*Cheers to making memories in life with the ones that we love*

joanna at motherhood and merlot