Nope, sorry. No baby #5 on the way;) However, we do have some big news and a huge change coming up in a few weeks.

 We are sharing some big news on the blog today... check out more on this huge change for our family and for deets on our big adventure.

We are moving to Virginia! 

It is something I have wanted to do for most of my adult life, considering I was born on the southern East Coast and my extended family is all over there. We have toyed with the idea as a family for years, and now just seems like the right time to do it.

Change is not something that I am great with, but this just really feels like a good thing for us. I feel like the Lord has been leading us in this direction for some time now, and we are just taking the plunge FINALLY.

Nothing is going to change on the blog front, although I might have a few more lifestyle posts when we get the new house, as well as a post about “how not to lose your mind when moving cross-country with four young children”. I can already see how that post is going to play out in real life.

(Our shirts are from District Line Co. So cute!)

It is a significant move for us, and the biggest we have ever made. It will be the first that we have made with children (to another state), and the farthest I have ever lived away from my parents and most of my siblings. My big brother is actually going to be our new neighbor!

Thank you to all who have already messaged us about this, wishing us well on our travels and this big change. It will have it’s challenges, but we are confident that this was the right decision for our family. We are so excited to start this next chapter.

Be on the lookout for a lot of new content coming soon, from our new home in RVA!

A big thanks to Ariel Miles Photography for capturing these images for us. She is an amazing AZ photographer (and a fabulous friend).

*Cheers to change and new adventures*