Who else has a hard time getting your kids to eat healthy? My kids have the worst time, especially when it comes to certain vegetables. I have been trying to work with my twins, who are super picky, on how to remedy this. So, when StickyLickits reached out to me to try their product and collaborate with them, I pretty much decided that I would try anything at this point;) Guess what… they were a big hit! I put together a list of the top three ways to encourage your child to eat healthy.

Need some ways to encourage your child to eat healthy? Check out this list of top tips from a mom of four, just looking to get her kids to eat more veggies.

*This post was done in partnership with StickyLickits. All opinions on the products involved are my own. 

Ways To Encourage Your Child To Eat Healthy

Disguise Them in Other Things

I love to add in fruits and veggies into smoothies for my kids. Smoothies and protein shakes are something that I have every morning, and it has all kinds of things in there like kale, spinach, beets… things that they wouldn’t gravitate towards normally. 

Veggies are also great to add into foods like scrambled eggs, hash, or pasta dishes when I can. It’s really easy to add in broccoli or cauliflower to a pasta dish because they sauce helps disguise it so much.

 Juice has never been something that my kids have often, because I don’t keep it in the house. But, juicing fresh fruits and veggies together would be one of the ways to encourage your kids to eat healthy. 

Limit Portion Sizes in Other Foods

This tip really works in our family. If I give my kids too many carbs (mashed potatoes for example), they are for sure going to eat those first and then complain about being too full for their vegetables. 

I always try to follow the food pyramid grouping, and really only give them the correct portions of carbohydrates, and focus a lot more on their proteins and vegetables.

Also, allowing them the freedom to choose what they eat first, while also portioning their food out, is a great way to instill healthy eating habits as they get older.

Make eating them more fun with StickyLickits!

StickyLickits are stickers that you can eat! They come in so many different designs, so kids of all ages can have fun putting them on their healthy foods (as long as they eat them after:) ). 

They idea behind these is great. You can scroll down to read more about this product and to see how my own kids feel about them. 

About StickyLickits

StickyLickits were created to help kiddos want to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I swear, I have caught my twins in the act of just eating the stickers on their own… I have no clue why, but whatever works, because they always eat whatever food item I stick them on. The bonus to that is that they are free of so many things: gluten free, non-gmo, sugar free, kosher, soy free, nut free, vegan, and they don’t have a bunch of additional additives.

The stickers themselves honestly taste like nothing, and yes, I tried them. They are mostly made up of a modified from of gelatin, tapioca starch, coconut oil, and water.

My kids have loved having these with all of their meals. I put one or two on their greens or whatever veggie they need to eat. Then, I also give them one or two to put on their food themselves.

These are a genius invention! When their team first reached out to me, I honestly didn’t think my kids would be for it. But, they think they are so much fun and it really has helped them finish the things they don’t normally like to, veggies specifically.

They retail for $4.99 for a pack, which is such a great deal and an easy add-in when parents are to trying to figure out what kids are going to be picky tomorrow. Just add a sticker to what they decided they don’t like that day, and hopefully it will help;)

StickyLickits are available locally in Scottsdale, AZ. You can find them at ZOOLIKINS. 

What are some of the tools or ways to encourage your child to eat healthy that you use in your house? 

Share them below! 

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*Heres to healthy kids, and things that make it easier on parents*