We just got back from our trip visiting the Omni Homestead Resort, and was that property gorgeous or what?! It was honestly one of the most picturesque resorts I have ever been to. I also love history, and this resort is deemed “America’s First Resort” with ties to early presidents. So neat!

If you and the family are visitng the Omni Homestead Resort, check out this full review of the things to do for families and families with littles.

They Omni Homestead Resort hosted us for a few days so that we could experience all of their amenities, and check out their new Summer of Passion fruit menu.

Today, I am sharing some of our favorite things and the “must do” list when visiting the Omni Homestead Resort.

Visiting The Omni Homestead Resort

Did I already say how beautiful it is here? Honestly, I could have just taken pictures all day. There are so many things to see, and because of the location, is so peaceful and quiet. To me, it is the epitome of southern (and all that comes with it).

The room was amazing. We had one of their two bedroom suites, so there was a separate space for the kids (YESSSS), and a sun room with windows all across the walls. It was my favorite place to sit in the morning.

Our favorite thing was spending time at the pool. They have an indoor pool, and an outdoor space with a lazy river, slides, kids area, and more.

We stayed there for HOURS. My kids seriously did not want to leave.

My daughters loved the lazy river, and they were big enough to do the slide as well. 

Their pool restaurant is where we got to try out their new summer passion menu (view it here), and it was tasty! The cocktails were delicious, especially the Passion Paloma. Yum!

They also have a ton of delicious food items on their as well. The hub says to go for the Shortrib Grilled Cheese. 

After the pool, I would say the arcade was a big hit. They have a mini bowling alley and a ton of arcade games for them to play. This is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

They have quite a few other restaurants on the grounds as well. The Jefferson is where we had dinner one night, and it was tasty. I would call it a “business casual” restaurant, and totally fine for families. Woody’s is another that we tried, and is more of a casual pizza and burger joint. 

They also have their dining room, which at night, is a fine dining experience with full service, a dress code, and dancing. We didn’t get the chance to go, but I would love to head back and get to experience this.

At night, they have an area where you can cook s’mores in the evenings, and kits at one of their little shops in the main area of the resort. This was a really fun addition for my kids:) 

Their lobby or “Great Hall” was actually a really great waiting spot for my kids. At 3pm, they have afternoon tea, with a pianist who my children ADORED! He played all of their favorite songs, and let them stand right next to him as he played. It was an hour of calm well spent.

We didn’t even get to experience all of the outdoor fun that they have, including their huge golf course, archery, and hiking to the hot springs. We will be back for all of those without a doubt. I really think it would be a beautiful place to go in the winter months as well. 

What are your favorite things to do at a resort? Have you ever been to one of the Omni Resort properties?

*Here’s to getting away at gorgeous places*