It’s Thursday, beauties! That means, it’s time for a new product review. This week, we are talking all about the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palette/

Side note: Who else is loving this film?? I am obsessed with all things Disney, and I love all of the remakes that are coming out of Disney classics.

urban decay alice through the looking glass*NOT sponsored. This product was purchased by me. All opinions are my own*

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection

This collection is $60 and can be purchased at a variety of retailers, such as Ulta.

There are also five lipsticks that came out with this collection. I didn’t get my hands on those, mainly because the ones that I found were the blue and purple in range that I would NEVER get any wear out of. But, it is nice that they came out with some funky colors to go with this colorful palette.

First of all, can we talk about the packaging! This is by far one of the most gorgeous palettes I own in terms of packaging. Don’t discount the extremely colorful and gorgeous outside, but when you open the top to reveal the mirror, there is a very fitting quote along with a hidden butterfly underneath. So stunning! There is also the “We’re all mad here” quote on the mirror, and another quote on the side of the box. A million stars for the packing of this palette!IMG_4613IMG_4616

There are 20 different shades in this palette. They which are arranged by character in columns from left to right: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana (the White Queen), Iracebeth (the Red Queen) and Time. Each of the shades within those columns are named after something that relates to one of those characters.

IMG_4612This palette also comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush which is decent quality. I wish the shaping of the brush was a little more varied, but it is great that this was included for the price of the palette.

Now, for the swatches! I will be going through all of the swatches by the columns that they are separated into. The first column is based on Alice: Looking Glass, because obviously, is a pale pink demo-matte, Reflection is a soft peach matte , Dormouse is a warm brown matte w/ floating gold micro-sparkle and Metamorphosis, a color that screams the color of Alice’s original dress, is a vibrant periwinkle blue w/micro-sparkle. IMG_4635

The second column is based off of the Mad Hatter: Hatter is a vibrant green w/tonal micro-sparkle, Gone Mad is a aubergine w/pink iridescent pearl,  Paradox is a vibrant orange w/gold pearl and Cake is a saturated blue-pink w/silver micro-shimmer. That green color and the orange in this row are amazing! IMG_4636

The third column is based off of The White Queen: Lily is an opal pink pearl, Duchess is a peach w/pink shift and micro-sparkle, Kingdom is a copper-bronze pearl and Chessboard is a medium brown matte.IMG_4638

The fourth column is based off of The Red Queen, Iracebeth: Heads Will Roll (vibrant turquoise w/gold micro-sparkle), Bandersnatch (deep teal matte), Salazen Grum (metallic crimson) and Royal Flush (pale beige shimmer). The first three shades in this row are probably the best in the palette in terms of pigment and eyeshadow texture. Just gorgeous! IMG_4639

The last column is based on Time: Time (black-navy satin w/soft iridescent micro-sparkle), Dream On (metallic purple-silver), Chronosphere (metallic deep bronze) and Mirror (gray-taupe satin). Time is one of the most gorgeous shades ever and it swatches and wears so well! Then, you have the Dream On shade next to it, which is the worst out of all 20 shadows… IMG_4640

Most of these shadows watched really well and they have a lot of pigment to them. Dream On, Kingdom, and Royal Flush were the most disappointing of the bunch. They also happen to be the colors with the most glitter and really just looked like straight glitter on the eye.

The rest of the colors were pigmented, but I had an issue with them lasting a long time. With the look that I did below, I had to reapply the pink twice throughout the day for it to remain vibrant. With the more “neutral” colors, not that there are many, I don’t think this would be as much of an issue. I did use a primer, so I know that it was not an issue when it comes to that.

I will also say that the texture of the shadows vary. Some of them are really soft and creamy, beautiful formulations of eyeshadow. Others are slightly chalky and really hard to build up. It’s hit or miss.

For this look, I used Looking Glass all over from brow to lash line, Reflection as a blending shade, a light touch of Mirror in the crease, Cake packed on heavy all over the lid, Gone Mad in the outer corner and blended into the crease, with Lily on the inner corner and under the brow as a highlight. Gone Mad and Cake are also blended out on the lower lash line with a ColourPop eyeliner in my waterline. I love how it turned out, I just wish the shadows had more lasting power.

IMG_4623*Cheers to a beauty lovers dream in makeup packaging*

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