Spring is finally here! Well, to be honest, it’s been here in Arizona for about two months… but for everyone else it is now the official 2nd day of spring. I love to watch the seasons change, however, I don’t always love the changes that the different seasons bring to my skin. I always try to change-up my skincare with the changing of the seasons, and I have found some amazing products from ZENMED to use for my spring skincare, as well as summer.

Need some new products to give yourself an updated spring skincare routine? Check out this review of some amazing products from ZENMED.I used to never take care of my skin when I was younger. I would only cleanse in the morning, I would never use any products like a serum or toner, and I would even sleep in my makeup! What was I thinking?

Now, thankfully, my skin is my number one priority. Makeup comes and goes, but you’ll have the skin you’re in forever:)

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Spring Skin Care With ZENMED

Let’s start with my skin type, for reference. I can get dry, especially in the cooler months. In the warmer months, I am typically pretty normal (maybe a touch dry), with some oil in my t-zone. I have sensitive skin, but I am not prone to acne or many breakouts unless they are hormonal. I have some texture and pores that are too big for my liking in my t-zone area as well.

ZENMED focuses on holistic skin care that combines natural ingredients with active medicinal ingredients. Their skin care was created to help their uses get fast and noticeable results in their skin. I am all about that!

The oil-free daily moisturizer was recommended to me for my slightly enlarged pores and because I can get oily in the middle of my face in warmer months. This is my favorite product that I tried from ZENMED. I am obsessed with the way that it feels going on. It sinks right in to the skin, it doesn’t leave any type of residue, and it just smooths out my face. My makeup glides on beautifully over it, better than the other high-end moisturizer that I had been using previously. If you want to try anything from this line, I would highly recommend this. Unless you have extremely dry skin, it would work on so many different skin types! I will absolutely be picking up more of this once I run out.
Need some new products to give yourself an updated spring skincare routine? Check out this review of some amazing products from ZENMED.
The facial cleansing gel is next on my list of favorites. I have forever been a fan of the Purity cleanser, and while I still love that, this has taken its place for daily use. It has a very light citrus scent, but it goes away quickly. It cleans your face without leaving it overly dry or stripped, and it isn’t too light where you feel like your face isn’t getting clean. If you wear a lot of makeup, like I do one some days, I would say to take off your mascara and heavy eye makeup before using this or else you may have to cleanse twice. If you wear normal amounts of makeup without waterproof mascara, eyelash glue, and liquid lipsticks, this is perfect for you with or without removing your makeup first. Another go-to for daily use!
The AHA/BHA complex is a product that you would use as a toner. I use it in my areas with larger pores to hopefully restrict them from getting larger and cleanse them a little bit better. Toner has never been my product of choice when it comes to skin care, because they are hit or miss for me. This one is good. I like the ingredients and that it isn’t overly drying like some toners can be. I also like that it comes in a spray bottle so that you could spray it all over if you wanted too.
I have been having some issues with dullness in my skin and some little bumps in certain areas, so one of the wonderful people over at ZenMed recommended that I try out the Glycolic Booster. I use this product at night, after cleansing, as a type of treatment mask. You only have to leave it on for about 5 minutes max, and it really does help with the dullness and areas of texture in your skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and it leaves your skin looking healthy and refreshed. At first, I wasn’t quite sure if it was doing anything. After using it for over a week, I really started to notice a difference.
Need some new products to give yourself an updated spring skincare routine? Check out this review of some amazing products from ZENMED.
The AVT cream, while being one of their most popular products, was not my favorite for everyday use. For me, I can only use it at night, and I only use it about twice a week. It is a heavy moisturizer, so if you don’t have any issues with oil and need something for dry skin, this is for you. There isn’t a scent, and although it is heavy, it never broke me out. If you have an oily areas however, this may exacerbate it because it is a very creamy and rich product.
This is a real-life shot of my skin currently, after using these products for two weeks. No breakouts, less texture, a more even skin tone, and a brighter complexion:)
ZENMED is having a great sale on their products right now, and I would absolutely recommend checking them out if you are looking for high quality skin care, without the high-end price tag. I will have to pick up more for myself to try!
Which of these products do you think would best suit your skin type? Will you be adding of these to your must-haves for spring skincare updates?
*Here’s to beautiful, glowing skin*
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