Welcome to the first (of many) twin pregnancy updates! I am excited to be sharing these with all of you, and even more excited to have someone to vent to about it all.

These first two weekly updates will be for the previous weeks of pregnancy since I am a little behind. As soon as we get through week 17 update next Monday they will be present-week updates:) Thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure!

I’ll give you a little bit of comparison with my twin pregnancy and my singleton pregnancies as well. It might be fun to compare how different and/or similar they turn out to be!

twin pregnancy week 15

Twin Pregnancy at 14 and 15 Weeks

Finally, it’s the second trimester. These last few weeks have thankfully been so much better than my first three months of pregnancy. Those were filled with constant morning sickness, no energy, and the most ridiculous mood swings ever.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 16th week now and I have gained a total of 5 lbs. With my first, I gained 30 lbs and with my second, I gained 25 lbs. I thankfully have never been one to gain a lot of extra weight but with the twins, they want you to gain around 40 lbs… YIKES!

Sleep: I had a lot of insomnia and crazy dreams in my first trimester that are thankfully tapering off slightly. I have been able to get a little bit more sleep but I find myself tossing and turning much more. I don’t get the crazy pregnancy dreams as much, but I definitely still get them. This is probably one of my least favorite things that happens in pregnancy.

Food Cravings: Sour. I sent my husband on a hunt to find the most sour candy that he could but none of them have fit the bill. Even Warheads just aren’t cutting it these days. Do they not make sour candy anymore??? So I guess I crave sour and sweet at the same time since I want sour candy. This is completely different from my girls’ as well because with both of them, I craved ice cream like crazy!

Symptoms: I have already been feeling Braxton Hicks contractions, which is mostly just annoying. I have never experienced them this early before but thankfully they are rare and really non-painful as of right now. I’ve been having to take a little bit deeper breaths as I have been struggling to catch my breath like normal. This is something that always happens to me during pregnancy. No new stretch marks, fingers crossed that this new stretch mark routine I have will prevent them for the most part! I’ll share that in a later post:)

Clothing: I have already transitioned into some looser tops, although I haven’t had to wear maternity clothing yet. I stuck with my regular clothing all throughout both my other, single pregnancies.I have only actually ever purchased two pieces of maternity clothing. But with these two, I have a feeling that just isn’t going to fly! I did pick up a couple of things from Pink Blush Maternity, which is probably going to be my go-to store for this pregnancy along with Target.

Exciting Moments: I started to feel some little movements, which is always really fun and exciting! My oldest loves to tell everyone that her mommy has “two babies in her tummy and they’re not boys” (we don’t know that for sure yet, but she’s convinced).Β  I also went to see my midwife and heard the babies heartbeats as they were rolling all across the ultrasound screen. It always puts me at ease to hear and see them. P.S. It is so strange to say “them” instead of “the baby”. It’s going to take some getting used to still.

We go in for our extra long ultrasound scan in 2.5 weeks. They’ll measure the babies and we will get to find out the genders, hooray! I could never wait until after they’re born to find out… I am too much of a planner and a control freak to buy everything in neutral colors.

Belly update: This is the difference between 10 weeks pregnant and 15 weeks. My midwife told me “You’re belly is going to get really big!” Well thanks… I think. Goodbye abs I worked so hard for… I’ll see you again someday!twin pregnancy 15 weeks

*Here’s the wonderful things that a woman’s body can do*

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