The start of week 33 is here! I can officially count the weeks left on one hand. I know that I say this all the time, but I am in pure disbelief at how quickly this pregnancy has gone and how fast the end of it is approaching.

twin pregnancy 32 weeksFrom our 30 week update, many of you know that both the twins were breech. When my OB checked last week, both babies were still breech… my worst nightmare come to life.

32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Genders and Names: Boy/Girl Fraternal Twins. Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 33rd week now and from my appointment last Wednesday, I have gained about 26 pounds total, which would put me at a weight gain of just under a pound a week at this point.

Labor Signs : None yet, but my OB wants to start checking me at 34 weeks to see if my body is beginning to progress on its own. If little Annabelle stays flipped the wrong way, labor signs won’t really matter 🙁

Sleep: Has been a struggle. It is difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in and I have been waking up from crazy temperature swings the past few nights.

Food Cravings: Cookies and citrus:)

Food Aversions: Food in general. I eat just like normal but nothing appeals to me.

Symptoms: A lot more pressure down in my lower region from the babies being low and pushing down so much. This is making my trips to the bathroom to pee VERY frequent. I have been having shooting pains up and down my sciatic nerve as well as my groin/inner thigh muscles because our little princess has placed herself right on top of those nerves. My mood has also been very up and down. My level of annoyance for some people and some situations is through the roof lately it seems like. Everything just really bothers me. It probably doesn’t help that I have a ton of nervous energy that is adding to those negative feelings.

Clothing: Thankfully, I haven’t been growing outwards too much or too quickly, so I have been able to wear the same maternity clothing this entire pregnancy. It is getting REALLY hot outside and I just want to live in swimsuits, lounge shorts, and t-shirts. Click to read my Summer Maternity outfit ideas.

Exciting Moments: We have an ultrasound/growth scan coming up this week to see how big these babies are and to check their position. It will also be one of the last growth scans that I have before they arrive. I start my non-stress tests next week, which is basically where I go sit and have the babies monitored for an hour at the hospital once a week. That seems like overkill to me in terms of monitoring, but it is a sign that delivery is closing in! We have also been doing some baby shopping and checking a lot of things off our list, which has been fun. I’ve never really shopped for a baby boy before so it has been an exciting time:) We also recently learned that our new neighbors (we just recently moved into a different home) had twin boys only two weeks ago. I love the fact that the babies will be so close in age to ours, and the couple seems like they are so sweet! Knowing that you are living next to good people is always a very comforting feeling in my mind.

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Thoughts from this past week:

  • Saying that there are only 5 weeks (or less) left in this pregnancy really gives me anxiety. I have never been this anxious/nervous about having my baby before. They just make everything seem so much different when there are two babies, even though I think it’s basically the same except for going through the whole pushing process two times in a row… But with the position changing and the statistics on twin births, I just have a lot of mixed emotions about this delivery. I am not one that deals well with feelings of uncertainty, and this entire labor/deliver seems very uncertain at this point.
  • Prayers would be appreciated that our baby A turns the right way! I had a meltdown coming out of the doctor’s office last week after hearing the words “we may have to schedule a c-section”.

Any tips on flipping breech babies?

*Here’s to keeping these babies in for the next few weeks and getting (at least one of them) head down*

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