The weeks left in this pregnancy just seem to be flying by at this point. In just a few short weeks we will have two new members to welcome into our family.

30 weeks pregnant with twins

As I think about being in my 31st week of pregnancy, and what it was like at this point in other pregnancies, it almost seems surreal to me that I am carrying TWO babies…. it may not sink in until they get here.

This was me at 30-31 weeks with all three of my pregnancies, from my 1st (left/pink) to now (Far right, green dress).

twin and single pregnancy comparison

30 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Genders and Names: One of each! Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 31st week now and from my appointment last week, I have still only gained about 24 pounds total. I haven’t gained more than a pound in the last three weeks, but my midwife wasn’t worried since the babies are in the 75th percentile (Oliver) and the 30th percentile (Annabelle) for growth.

Labor Signs : None Yet:)

Sleep: I have been having terrible insomnia lately. I think it has to do with trying to get our oldest to sleep in her own bed and just having a lot on my mind. There seems like so much left to do, and in the quiet of the nighttime hours it all just runs through me head at a constant rate.

Food Cravings: My cravings usually die off around the third trimester although I still can’t pass up a really good salad or fresh fruit.

Food Aversions: Nothing that I’m really avoiding, although I haven’t had much of an appetite lately.

Symptoms: Emotional craziness, leaky boobs, rib pain from a babies butt pushing up against it, and having to pee every 20 minutes. That’s pretty much my symptom list of fantastic pregnancy fun this past week! Since our sweet little princess is turned with her feet down at the moment, she is also constantly kicking my lower lady parts, which is so awesome and comfortable…

Clothing: It is HOT here in Arizona… pushing about 100 degrees already. Clothing that is easy to throw on with breathable material is where my outfit choices have been at lately. Summer Maternity post on Thursday!

Exciting Moments: We had a little BBQ/Baby Shower this past weekend that was so much fun. I will have a post on that with lots of fun pictures coming soon. It was great to share that experience with my husband and to get to share in the joy of these twins with our family and friends. I had another appointment with my midwife and a nice talk with her. She tries hard to put my mind at ease about things. We did discover that both of the babies are now flipped breech/sideways which was not such exciting news.

Belly update: twin pregnancy timeline19-23 weekstwin belly growth

30 week belly

Thoughts from this past week:

  • It still feels like there is so much to do. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed in the past week with this never-ending checklist of things that need to get purchased and stuff that has to get done. I am starting to get pretty anxious about it all.
  • Praying that the babies will flip again. Although we still have 7 weeks left, if I went into labor know with both of the babies turned the way they are, they wouldn’t even let me attempt to deliver vaginally… my worst nightmare come true.
  • This was one of my more emotional/stressful/not as upbeat weeks…they can’t all be good right?

*Here’s to these babies flipping around the right way*

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