Yay! The first week of the third trimester is officially over and the end of this pregnancy is approaching.

For me, this is probably the biggest milestone. At this stage, the twins both have a very high viability rate if, heaven forbid, they decide to make their appearance right now. The third trimester is also the biggest in terms of changes… and probably in terms of belly size;)

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The little ones are about 15 inches long at this point, and pushing 2 1/2 pounds each. I’ll get an exact measurement when I go in for my ultrasound growth scan this week:)

28 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Genders and Names: One of each! Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 29th week now and according to the doctor on April 16th, I have gained about 23 pounds total. I’m really not too concerned with how much weight I will gain after this point, since the third trimester is usually when I put on the most. I feel really good and the babies are healthy, so that’s all that matters.

Sleep: This week was not so great. The pregnancy nightmares have started up again like in the end of my first trimester and I have had some really bad insomnia. Mostly waking up every hour, getting up at 3 AM and feeling wide awake… wonderful third trimester sleep habits.

Food Cravings: Rice Crispy Treats are really the one thing that I can’t resist when I see them. I have been craving a lot of fresh fruit/fruit juice lately as well… Orange Julius anyone?:)

Food Aversions: I haven’t been having many things that I hate lately except for meat, like always, but nothing really appeals to me in terms of what I want to eat. With less and less room in there for my stomach, I just don’t think I have much of an appetite period.

Symptoms: I don’t feel pressure, but I can tell that our sweet girl is really low in my pelvis. The pricking and the having to pee constantly give that away. I have also been so exhausted during the days lately. All of a sudden, it’s like the same level of exhaustion that I experienced in my first trimester (thankfully without the morning sickness). It could be because we have been moving and all of that this week so it’s just been non-stop. My skin has also been extremely dry. Not so much around my belly where you would think, but more around my hands and wrists.

Clothing: Maxi dresses have been my best friend lately. They are so easy to throw on and to dress up or down. We’ve also been moving and getting our new house prepared, so I haven’t had a lot of reason to get ready or put effort into my outfits since we’ve just been at home. Yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret are the best things ever created in terms of comfort.

Exciting Moments: We have another ultrasound coming up tomorrow so that will be really exciting to see how much the babies have grown and how much they are each weighing at this point. I caught a little glimpse of them at my prenatal check-up since my OB always checks their heart rates and such on an older U/S machine rather than just be fetal doppler. We are officially all moved in into our new house and I have started to put together the twins nursery which has been really fun! Two of our closest friends are throwing us a couple’s BBQ Baby Shower next weekend so that will be a blast. I am glad that my husband will be there this time because I am just not one for having an “all women” baby shower, really. I would rather celebrate these two little blessings with my husband and all of our friends combined.

Belly update: twin pregnancy timeline19-23 weeks

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Thoughts from this past week:

  • Being in my third trimester, of my last pregnancy, is full of mixed emotions for me. I feel like it’s crunch time now trying to get everything ready for these babies and trying to prepare myself for having two newborns. I am also really trying to enjoy being pregnant for the last time because it really is such a blessing to be able to do so.
  • I hope that I get some energy back soon. We have had a lot going on lately in terms of visitors, events, moving, etc… So I’m hoping come May when all of that settles down a little bit that I will get a chance to take a breather and gather some energy for the arrival of these babies in 9 or less weeks (WHAT?!?!).

*Here’s to mustering the strength to get through these final weeks of pregnancy*

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