Three more weeks and we are in the home stretch and entering the third trimester! I cannot wait for these kiddos to be here and I am so thankful for the fact that I do not have to be pregnant during the entire summer this year. 120 degrees and pregnant is not a winning combination.

The babies are each about the size of a large ear of corn this week:)

24 weeks pregnant with twins

Twin Pregnancy Week 24

Genders and Names: One of each! Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal post.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 25th week now and I am still probably sitting at 15 pound weight gain total, although I haven’t weighed myself to be sure.

Sleep: I actually slept pretty well this past week. I think it was because we had visitors in town and every day was filled with some activity, so by the end of the night I was just exhausted.

Food Cravings: Sweets and salads. I have been dying for a really good Cobb salad, but no success on the “really good” part yet. I have to say that Smashburger really dropped the ball for me on their salad game.

Food Aversions: Anti-chicken mode came back with a vengeance this week.

Symptoms: Pains when the babies are in a specific position, now that they are bigger and have more force behind their rolls and kicks. Still haven’t had any new stretch marks appear. (Read my method on helping to prevent stretch marks here)! I still have that annoying dull ache under my rib cage, come to find out from Oliver pushing up and moving around right under that area.

Clothing: This week, my maternity picks from Stitch Fix and the couple things I have picked up from PinkBlush have been lifesavers. We went to the zoo, hung out by the pool, and have been out in the Arizona sun quite a bit, so the sleeveless tops and well fitting clothing has been great.  (You can read my Spring Maternity Outfit Ideas here. Summer Maternity Post coming in April)

cute maternity swimsuit

Exciting Moments: Having my friend and her daughter here this week was so much fun! It’s great to sit and chat about the twins and the pregnancy, as well as all of our mommy stories as we are both mother’s of girls.

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Thoughts from the past week:

  • We applied for a house this week… I just have to say as someone heading towards her third trimester of pregnancy, it is the most frustrating and tiring process ever!
  • It is time to start crossing all of the babies necessities off the list. The crazy shopping is about to begin! It’s unbelievable sometimes all of the things that babies need, especially since we are having two!

*Here’s to being so close to the third and final leg of this long road*

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