We are here at 20 weeks, the actual halfway point for single pregnancies. As you’re reading this, I will actually be at the end of my 21st week, headed into week 22. I have officially been pregnant now for 146 days, and have about 112 days left until the end of 37 weeks, when I have to deliver by according to my doctor.Those numbers make it seem so far away still! (You can read my 19 Week Update Here)

The babies are each about the size of small cantaloupes, which is pretty big when you think about the fact that there are two of them! This is a photo of what the look like in utero at 20 weeks.

twins in uteroTwin Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

twin pregnancy belly update

Genders and Names: One of each! Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal post.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 22nd week now and I am still sitting at about a 7 lb weight gain.I go in to see my midwife on Thursday so we will see if that has changed at all.

Sleep: I am having the hardest time with sleeping lately. I toss and turn a lot before I can fall asleep, mostly because of anxiety and still struggling to catch my breath. I also wake up pretty early because that is the twins’ most active time. Not to mention of course, the psychotic dreams that wake me up all night. Oh the joys of pregnancy. The nighttime is not my favorite when pregnant.

Food Cravings: Blueberries, frozen fruit of any kind, citrus flavored things (mainly orange), and fast food french fries (I think it’s the salt factor with that craving).

Food Aversions: My meat aversion is tapering off, back to just the normal level of anti-meat eating that I have always had. But, I am at the point now where not much sounds good when I try to figure out what I want to eat. Breakfast and lunches are filled with similar meals, which is fine with me. I used to be so creative with dinner, but it’s difficult to come up with new things to cook when touching raw meat is still gross to me and I nothing sounds like it would taste good.

Symptoms: Nothing new in particular. The same shortness of breath, fake contractions, a lot of wiggles and movement. I wish the car sickness would die a quick death though! My boobs hurt a lot more lately… and they are getting bigger all the time which I can’t stand. I have had a large chest my entire life, since puberty. It’s not fun, no matter what anyone says.
Clothing: My sweet husband took me to find a few more things because I was having a meltdown in the closet one day about the way things were fitting. I am not really that much bigger than with my other two, but for some reason the way the babies are sitting and the shape of my belly is making my non-maternity clothes unwearable. I live in basically all maternity tops and dresses, along with leggings. I have a Belly Band so I still wear most of my own pants and bottoms, although I did score at Ross and find some adorable and perfectly flattering maternity shorts to wear. It is already 80+ degrees here in Arizona so jean season is almost behind us. You can read my Spring Maternity Outfit Ideas here.

Exciting Moments: My husband has now been able to really feel the babies when he puts his hand on my stomach. Their movements are strong enough now, which is really exciting! My little 16-month-old knows where the babies are now and comes up to me and lies on my belly as she tells me, “Babies, babies!” and then proceeds to give them kisses and loves. Sweetest. Thing. Ever. I remember when my oldest did that when I was pregnant with her little sister. We also have a doctor’s appointment this week, which I always love to go to especially when they are with my midwife. She just has a very relaxed and quick way of going about things, which I prefer. Please, just give it to me straight and to the point! I guess that’s how I am with people in general, so I can’t stand when things take a long time being said. Our doctor beats around the bush forever before finally getting to the point.

Belly update: The babies seem to be in different spots. I think they are a little higher than they have been. I can feel them moving more and in other places, especially Oliver which is our Baby B and the one that’s up at the top.twin pregnancy timeline

19-20 weeks

Thoughts from the past week:

  • How are the girls going to handle two more siblings?
  • Why does baby stuff have to be so expensive when you are trying to be as safe and as high quality as possible for your kids?
  • Everyone keeps telling me that I need to learn to rely on other people for help, and that I am going to need it when the babies come especially. Am I a terrible person for wanting to yell at them? I have always been very independent and like things done in a very specific way, especially when it comes to my kids. It’s difficult for me to relinquish that control and take help that other people are offering, because I don’t know if they are going to respect my wishes and do things the way that I do them. Is it terrible, or normal?

*Cheers to making it this far, and almost being out of the triple digits in counting down the days left*

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