35 weeks pregnant with twins and feeling every, single one of those weeks! 35 weeks is usually where the babies go through quite a big growth spurt in terms of their brain growth and weight gain as well. It will be interesting to see how this week’s update and next week’s will be different because of that:)

34 weeks pregnant with twins

The time is winding down for these babies to arrive. In my 33 week pregnancy update, I shared about my first visit to the chiropractor to get these babies turned. I have been back to see her since then as well and am feeling much less anxious about how our birth will turn out.

34 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Genders and Names: Boy/Girl, Di/Di Fraternal Twins named Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 35th week now and from my appointment with the midwife last Wednesday, I have gained around 29 pounds total. Two pounds in two weeks means that these babies are growing away:)

Labor Signs: Still feeling like a lot of weight is being carried down in my nether-region. I start non-stress tests this week to see if there are any contractions happening and to check how the babies are coping in there. When I go on walks, there are some definite pains occurring but no “real” contractions.

Sleep: What is that?

Food Cravings: Smoothies… not so much a craving as they are the only thing that sounds remotely good to eat. That and really fresh salads/wraps.

Food Aversions: It feels like my stomach is shrinking because I have little to no appetite at most points in the day. Nothing looks or sounds good and even foods that I love don’t really appeal to me.

Symptoms: It’s official now, I can’t see anything but the tips of my big toes anymore when I look straight down. I also learned that I can’t see to give a “sample” at the doctor… that was a fun discovery to make. I am mostly just uncomfortable due to how much space the babies are taking up in relation to the rest of my body parts, like my bladder and my rib cage. I also have one tiny new stretch mark, my first one of this pregnancy, right by belly button. That seems to be where they kick and push out the most.

Clothing: Even though I haven’t gained an excessive amount of weight, these babies are making my belly stick it EXTREMELY far from the rest of my body when they are in certain positions. Even my maternity tops are feeling stretched to their limits lately;) Thank goodness for summer maxi dresses!

Exciting Moments: At our last visit with the chiropractor, she seemed confident that little Annabelle should turn for us, or at least has plenty of room to do so. She was still breech on our last appointment, but after talking to my midwife about the options I have and, really, the rights that I have regarding what I want out of my birth experience, my anxiety has eased a little bit.

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Thoughts from this past week:

  • It seems like it is going to be a fight to get my natural birth. Thankfully, my midwife is very much on our side and I am SO thankful for that.
  • These last few weeks seem to be going by much more quickly then I thought they would. I remember with my other two, they seemed to crawl by. But, I am 35 weeks now and it seems like I just hit 30 weeks yesterday!
  • I also wrote out a detailed birth plan (yes, I am one of those women) with plenty of copies for my doctor’s and the staff. I have decided to be less anxious about what could happen and just be more proactive in standing my ground when it comes to my desires for this labor/delivery. I am so passionate about women having the right to choose the way that they want their births to go (outside of emergency situations of course), and I think it’s so important to state what you want and gather the knowledge for yourself so that you are prepared to make those decisions.

*Here’s to being so close to meeting these sweet babies*

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