Two more weeks down on this journey through twin pregnancy and less than two more to go before I am officially in my last trimester. Has this gone really fast to anyone else?

I am down to the double digits of days left in this pregnancy, with less than three months left. It is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time to think I will be the mother of 4 beautiful little ones.

26 weeks pregnant twins

At the end of 26 weeks, the twins (curled up) are about the size of a large head of lettuce, at a little over a pound and a half each and over a foot long.

Twin Pregnancy Weeks 25 and 26

Genders and Names: One of each! Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal post.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 27th week now and according to the doctor on April 1, I have gained about 21 pounds total. On average for single pregnancies, you want to have gained around 15 by the 24th week and about 24 in twin pregnancies around the 24th week, so I am doing pretty well.

Sleep: My oldest has been sick, so the sleep has been lacking the past week or so. Sharing your bed with a three-year-old who is not only a bed hog, but also a human heater is never the recipe for a good nights’ sleep.

Food Cravings: Sweets and salads still I finally just made my own Cobb salad and It. Was. AMAZING! Can I also just say that Easter candy is absolutely the best candy of all? I may or may not carry around Peeps and M&M Peanut Butter eggs with me… Good thing Easter is over and that candy won’t be around for me to crave anymore! (Except for the stash I have leftover)

Food Aversions: Still have no desire for meat really. My meals have been focused on getting protein in other things because no type of meat sounds good to me. When I do try to eat it, it usually ends up disgusting me at some point in the meal.

Symptoms: Things that cannot be named are starting to come back… Hint: they start with an “h”, relate to a normal bodily function, and are can be quite painful and annoying. I have had to deal with them in both of my previous pregnancies so it wasn’t a huge surprise or anything. No new stretch marks or even any sign of them (Click to see what I use to help prevent stretch marks)! Since I have to pee so often, and have been sick, it is a struggle. For any of you mom’s out there who know about the struggle of sneezing and pregnancy, I’m sure you feel my pain!

Clothing:  I have been loving my Stitch Fix Maternity items (Review on that this week) and I ordered more from PinkBlush Maternity. Those seem to be my go-to’s for outfits lately. It is really hot here in Arizona, high 90’s, so it is all about shorts, sleeveless tops and breathable dresses for me(Summer Maternity Post coming in a few weeks).

Exciting Moments: We had a check up last week with my fantastic midwife. I think I like her more and more with every appointment. We go to see a short little ultrasound scan of the babies and listen to their amazing little hearts beating away. I also can now feel and make out certain body parts. I can feel the shapes of their little feet when they kick, and it’s almost a game to push back on them as they kick because then they just roll around and kick harder.

Belly update: twin pregnancy timeline19-23 weeks

26 weeks pregnant with twins

Thoughts from the past week:

  • We are in the process of packing at we officially begin our move next week! It’s crazy how much things in changing in such a short period of time, but I am so thankful that they are working out and can’t wait to decorate the babies new nursery:) I also cannot wait to be done with packing.
  • As I lay in bed each night, I can’t help but say a prayer of appreciation that I get to carry these two little ones. Feeling them move all over and just knowing that I am helping them grow is one of my greatest accomplishments in life. It will be the last time that I am pregnant, so I am trying to enjoy every pain as well as every wonderful moment.

*Cheers to being one week away from the third trimester*

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