As the 2015 spring season is in full swing, so is my desire to switch up some color schemes in my wardrobe, home, pretty much everything! Every year, there are different color combinations that I absolutely love and others that I just get tired of and need to switch out.

color trends 2015(Color swatch photos via Design Seeds)

This season, it is all about the pastel colors and the colors of the sunset for me. Pastel colors in EVERYTHING are an obvious color combo for spring and the burnt oranges, reds, and golden shades that make up a sunset are just beautiful to me.

2015 Color Combination Favorites

Burnt oranges, reds, and warm, golden shades:

These may only seem appropriate for fall, but I am in love with this color combination at the moment when it comes to home decor and make-up. I shared that some of the beauty trends for 2015 that would go really well with this color combination.

It just so happens that the house we are about to move into is full of these warm colors and accents. I have been having way too much fun decorating with this combination. It really brightens up a room and gives a really pleasing look to the space. warm color scheme in home(Link to original photo)

I love this home decor color scheme with like a pop of light blue or teal. Gorgeous! The walls in our house are a combination of the first four colors in these schematic. We are on the hunt for some light gray or espresso couches and furniture pieces to add to the main living space. Ikea and Pier 1 have had a couple of pieces that have caught my attention. I also really love World Market for home decor.

When it comes to warm eye shadows, I cannot get enough of an orange/yellow shade, a reddish-brown, a deep red, and plenty of golden colors. The look on the eyes is just really stunning in my opinion. Makeup Geek is my go-to for gorgeous shadows in these shades.

makeup geek shadow swatches


Pastel colors are EVERYWHERE this year and I have found that I am more a lover of pastel’s than I am of bright colors. This is especially true when it comes to nails and lip products, as well as spring clothing.

Pastel nails seem to be everywhere right now, and I am not one bit mad about that! Essie has a huge selection of colors and some beautiful pastels that look so chic on the nails.

essie nail polishessie nail polish

For lips and pastel colors, I have been reaching for a lot of baby/pastel pinks, lilacs, and even a pastel mix between the two. I have also been in love with the greige (Gray and Beige) lip, which is kind of in the pastel family… maybe:) In my opinion, no one does a pastel lip better (and at the right price) then Colour Pop Cosmetics.

Their lippie stix have made it to the top of my list lately for quality and price and I just love their amazing color selection. (Below: Wearing Tootsie Lippie Stix and Bound Lip Liner)

pastel lips

The picture above is a top from PinkBlush that I adore! The pastel purple may be my favorite color in tops right now. That, and a beautiful pastel blue color are just to die for to get a fresh and gorgeous spring outfit. While I am traditionally a lover of black clothing with white or gold add-in, something about this season is pushing me to have a more colorful wardrobe.

What are your favorite color combinations at the moment?

*Cheers to loving color*

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