Back to life, back to reality… that’s exactly how I feel after arriving back home after traveling to Sedona this past weekend.

First of all, it is absolutely stunning up there! If you live in Arizona or are big into traveling and want a weekend getaway, I highly recommend checking out the Sedona area.

I would say that this is ideal for those that want a more peaceful and relaxing vacation as opposed to a “let loose, get crazy” trip. We did have an absolute blast while we were there, regardless!

I wanted to share some of the highlights of Sedona that we found and some of the things that are a “must” when visiting.

traveling to Sedona

Traveling to Sedona

First of all, we stayed at The Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort, which was amazing. We used Air BnB to book the timeshare that we used and it was wonderful. I will absolutely use them again in the future.

We stayed for 2 nights, 3 days, which gave us quite a bit of time to do things. The only thing that we had planned was a wine tour, which I will talk more about in detail on a post this Wednesday, so stay tuned!:)

The first day, we did a little bit of shopping and just checked out the town. The views from pretty much everywhere are absolute stunning! They did not disappoint. This was the view from our lunch spot-

That night, we went out to dinner at a restaurant that has ridiculous reviews on every restaurant review site that we checked out. Elote is one of the best and most reviewed restaurants in the Sedona area, so we had to check it out. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a really fancy place where we could order a bottle of wine of champagne… I was mistaken on that front. The atmosphere left something to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, the food was absolutely worth it! It was amazing, and the dessert was honestly one of the best things I have ever tried in my life. For those reasons alone, I would say this is a “must” while in Sedona.

elote cafe sedona

The next day was our wine tour, which took up most of the day, but that was perfectly fine with me. Drinking wine all day… that’s the best time of my life!

We booked through Arizona Winery Tours and had a wonderful time. They take you to three different wineries in the Page/Sedona area and serve you a picnic lunch in between. If you want to read more about the wineries in detail, check back Wednesday!wine tours sedona

If you don’t do an actual wine tour while in Sedona, I would highly suggest at least going to check out some of the local wineries on your own. It was a wonderful experience that I would love to do again in the near future.

Saturday evening we went a to an area called Tlaquepaque in Sedona, which is an adorable part of down. It has a lot of old hispanic buildings and the atmosphere was wonderful. We went to a restaurant called Timo, which was nice enough, although overpriced for the overall experience in my opinion. It is a wine bar, but I was not overly impressed with their wine selection and I felt like their menu was lacking in options. I did get to dress up though so, I guess it was worth it;)


If you are going to travel to Sedona, I would recommend checking out the reviews of the restaurants that they have. There isn’t a huge amount, but there are quite a few and you can find some really amazing hidden gems of the restaurant world there.

Hiking while in Sedona is something that you just have to do. There are so many amazing red rock formation and trails to visit, that you could take a week and just hike different areas! I know that if we had stayed longer, there are a few others that we would love to check out like Devil’s Bridge.

traveling to sedona

We actually went to Bell Rock, which was close to where we stayed at. The weather was perfect when we went, and we were able to get some amazing photos.IMG_2813



My husband and I love hiking, and Arizona really does have some of the best, especially when it comes to the views that you get. We obviously had a lot of fun!IMG_2787

I would put finding a good hiking trail at the top of your list if you are traveling to Sedona.

It was a great little weekend away (without the kids too!) and I am so glad that we went and explored this area.

What are your favorite getaway spots and activities? 

*Cheers to weekend getaways and time well spent*

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