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Hi there!

For those of you that don’t know, the Tour Through Blogland has been going around the blogger world for a while now. It is a chance to get to know the bloggers that you read on a more personal level by getting a sneak peek of our homes, projects, and just some little bits of info about why we do what we do!

I was asked to join in on this fun little adventure by Julie of Girl on the Move. If you haven’t checked her out before, go do it:) Her blog is chocked full of travel adventures, helpful and inspiring tips and cupcakes… who doesn’t love cupcakes?

I was really excited to be involved in this little posting train, and

Welcome to Our Home

We currently live in a condo in Arizona. My husband and I haven’t decided where we want to buy a house at yet or a place that we know without a doubt we want to settle down in. So, for now, this is our little haven:)

Center of our Living Room

Center of our Living Room

I love decorating

I think that it is the little things that make the best decoration in a home. When there isn’t anything on the walls, I just feel like I don’t quite live there yet. I haven’t spent the time and money to redo our furniture decor (although it needs it!), but I can’t wait to do so when we move into a house.
Our kitchen is where I spend a good portion of time, as we all do right? Either washing dishes or cooking for one of the many meal times… But it is a nice little area. And of course, I have to have my wine rack stocked and ready for “sampling”.

Girl's Room

Girl’s Room

Our girls’ room is one of my favorite parts of the house. It was so much fun to decorate with pinks and bright colors. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of stuffed animals and photos that are obviously a “must-have”. The toddler bed is something so special because it was made and decorated by her aunt and uncle that live here in Arizona. You could say they spoil her just a little bit!

My Piece of Heaven

My Piece of Paradise

Our master bedroom is actually the most bare in terms of decoration, but it contains my favorite room in the house: our walk-in closet. If you can’t tell, it could probably stand to be a little bigger since I have organized it to fill a every inch of space that I can. My husband is nice enough to only take up about 1/4… maybe even 1/8 of the closet and let’s me have the rest. I love beautiful shoes and beautiful pieces of clothing. Plus, every time I walk-in there, I get to look up at my wedding dress(upper right hand) on display and relive one of the best days of my life when I got to marry the most amazing man!

One of the bonuses of living in a condo however—>

Having an Extra Large, and always clean, Pool

Having an Extra Large, and always clean, Pool

The four questions that all of us bloggers were asked to answer on our tour:

1) What am I working on?

Currently, my largest and most time consuming project doesn’t have to deal with my physical home at all, although it does make it quite messy. We are in the process of potty training my toddler and oh. my. goodness, is it a project! I know that for some people, this is quite the easy task and it only takes a few days. That is not the case around this house. For some reason my daughter thinks that using the “big potty” is the worst thing that’s ever happened to her. We are working on it, slowly but surely.

In my blog life, I am working on growth. Growth of my site, growth of my social media connections and personal growth. Learning to connect more with other bloggers has been such a great experience and I look forward to getting more and more out of this every day!

2) How does my work differ from those in my genre?

I think that every blogger brings something new and different to the blog world. We each have our own unique niche. Mine focuses on a little bit of everything from motherhood to beauty and fitness and of course my obviously love for wine. I try to write about what I know about, and bring as many helpful tips and reviews as I can to my readers. I include things that hopefully make people laugh, help them through certain decisions, and I try to include things in my work that make women feel great about themselves.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

Because I love it! I never thought that I would enjoy running my own website and being the author of my own blog, but it is such a great creative outlet for. Creative writing was always something that I found interesting throughout school and something that I was good at (according to my instructors at least:)) It is really enjoyable for me to connect with others through writing and it’s fun to write about all of the things that I love! I never thought I would be the type to reach out to many different strangers but I have connected with so many fellow bloggers through things like Twitter and Facebook, which has been and is such an amazing experience! I started this out as a hobby but it is turning into so much more then I ever thought it would.

4) How does my creative writing process work?

This was an interesting question for me to think about. My process never really goes outside of my head until my girls are either napping or occupied in an activity. Then I just take some time to sit down at the computer and write whatever comes to my head about the particular topic I’m discussing. If I can sit down in the quiet and just write, I have found that the things I am passionate about come to life on the post so easily. However, this process usually includes numerous interruptions and needs for my girls and one post may take me a few hours depending on how many breaks I have to take. But hey, family comes first!

In terms of choosing what I write about, I am an organization freak and have to have things scheduled and labeled and prepared ahead. I usually save the titles of multiple posts as drafts when I think of things I want to talk about, and then come back and fill them in when I am ready.

So much fun! Now, it’s my turn to move the tour along to three wonderful bloggers that I have had the pleasure to connect with!

Jill from Ripped Jeans And Bifocals

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Hi, I’m Jill!

Three fun facts:

“I have a love/hate relationship with running. I recently completed (okay, struggled through) the Rock & Roll Dublin Half Marathon. Since I did two overseas half Marathons in 2014, I got the World Rocker medal. Maybe I am bragging a little bit but you would totally brag if you had hardware that said you were a world rocker!”

“I believe wine and coffee are proof that there is a God and that He loves us. I like very strong, rich coffee and very tart and fruity white wines. Both are consumed at my house on a very regular basis.”

“I’m seriously scared sh**less of my mom’s vintage Howdy Doody puppet. This thing creeps me out so much that I make my mom put him away when I spend the night. Who wants to see this thing looking at you when you’re walking down the hall to use the bathroom in the middle of the night?”

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Tandra from Thriller Mom

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Hey, Tandra here!

Three Fun Facts

” I love to laugh! I often laugh at inappropriate things and inappropriate times.”
“When I’m not purposely singing a song off key, you can find me dancing wildly through my home like EVERYONE is watching!”

“In my head I’m wealthy and famous. I’m just waiting for my pockets and the world to catch on!”

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Amee from Inspired Housewife

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Three Fun Facts

” I am a girl who hates to workout, but does it anyways and helps others get healthy by coaching them on-line with their health and fitness goals.” Beach Body Website

“I fell fast and hard at eight years old for Superman and I still think he rocks even at 36.”

“I love experimenting in the kitchen, getting messy with my three kids crafting, and I believe everyone has a right to feel good about who they are in their own skin.”

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This was so much fun for me to do and such a great chance for me to introduce you all to three more awesome lady bloggers:)

*Cheers to going with the flow and a great glass of Merlot*