Every year, my family visits a pumpkin patch. We have been to three in Arizona so far in our time living here. This year, we went to Tolmachoff Farms in Glendale, AZ.

tolmachoff farms az

I have a slight obsession with all things pumpkin, pumpkin patches included, and now my two oldest girls do as well!

We had a blast here and there are a lot of different activities to choose from. I would say that this particular farm in AZ is geared more towards a younger crowd, but there are things for older kids and adults to enjoy as well.

We just happened to go on the day that it was pouring rain… nightmare. It was really muddy out but my kids didn’t seem to care. Thankfully, the farm had a ton of places to hide under in between down pours. It was an adventure:)

Tolmachoff Farms

There were a ton of different activities to do at this farm. As you can see on their sign, they had everything from corn mazes, to a pumpkin patch, to a petting zoo, and a tomato shoot! Not to mention, really fun opportunities for pictures;)
The pumpkin patch was an obvious favorite. My girls absolutely loved going out and picking their own pumpkin. One of their uncles was with us too and went out with the girls and my husband, helping them pick out a winner (in the mud… taking one for the team!)

My two-year-old was convinced she could pick up all of the big, heavy pumpkins. And boy, did she try! My oldest really wanted a pumpkin, but was more interested in eating the fresh made kettle corn that they sell at the farm. She was actually afraid if she put down her bag, her sister would take it… we are still working on sharing;) The had this “train” ride for smaller kids, which my girls loved. My husband even rode it with our two-year-old. They took them up and down the road by the corn maze, did some figure 8’s, and all of the kids really seemed to like it (well, almost all of them;) ).

Seeing animals up close is always something my girls love to do. They had corn that you could grind up and feed to the chickens which was fun. We named this one “Cluckie”. There were horses, baby goats, and a decent sized petting zoo with other animals as well.

They had a huge area where you could just buy pre-picked pumpkins. There were also really small ones which my kids just loved! We got four, one for each of them:) They sold all types of fresh preserves, canned goods, and sweets. I, of course, had to try out their 5 pepper smoked salsa. So delicious!

We loved spending time together as a family out here, and I think everyone had a good time, regardless of the rain and the mud.

Check out their website here if you want more information. We had so much fun. Making a check off my list for things to do this fall:)

*Cheers to fall bucket lists, pumpkins, and fun with family*

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