Let me start off by saying that this is not sponsored in anyway. However, my hair game has (thankfully) been elevated in big ways over the past year or so. I thought I would put together some tips for keeping your hair healthy and super fresh for fall because who doesn’t want that?

I am someone who has colored my hair for more than half of my life. It feels like I’ve done it since infancy… but whatever, I will own that. Getting my hair done and colored is one of my favorite past times, but, if you’re not taking care of it in the right way, it can do some serious damage.

These tips are ones that I have taken from my friend and stylist, The Blowout King, and my friend and colorist, Kelly at 1213 Hair Salon. If you are local to the Richmond area, or in town, these are your people for all of the hair things. I also did a full blog post on my favorite beauty and health spots in RVA as well.

Photo- Jenny McQueen

Hair- Michael F King

Tips For Keeping Your Hair Healthy & Fresh For Fall

Do not underestimate the power of blowouts. I never used to get them, because I didn’t really understand the point. A lot of people that ask me now, because I get them done so often, ask me if it is just someone else washing and drying your hair. While that is true, it is a treatment, continuous advice and and different product suggestions from a stylist who knows what they are talking about, and they maintain the health of your hair in between visits to get your hair colored and/or cut.

I know get them weekly and guess what… I normally go that entire time without washing my hair at all, maybe just once. My hair is healthier, and in better condition than it ever has been. Plus, I use the tips given from my stylist (his IG is here), to style and extend the life of my hair in between blowouts. The pictures on the right are before and afters of 6 day hair, and then right after the blow out. While there are obvious differences, you can see that going 6-7 days is 100% doable and so good for the health of your hair.

Take it easy on your hair.

  • Utilize different types of products.
  • Try not to wear it up in a super tight bun or ponytail everyday.
  • Wear it in silk scrunchies at night to prevent it from ripping out.
  • Extend the time in between your washes.
  • Try other methods aside from constant heat to style.

Products are important. I have tried my fair share of products, but have been living by a specific few lately. Again (not sponsored), these are what I love and have actually been doing the work for my hair. Bonus is that all of the smell amazing.

Verb Sea Texture Creme

This has been a miracle worker for my flat, fine, STICK STRAIGHT hair. When I don’t want to add curl and volume to it, this gives my once lifeless straight hair a little definition and texture, that actually sticks around. Shout out to Michael (check him out here) who does all of my amazing blowouts for getting my hooked on VERB products. You can find the VERB sea texture cream here for around $16.

Verb Sea Texture Spray

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This goes hand-in-hand with the creme, except I use this no matter what style my hair is. Straight, curls, wavy, a ponytail, texture for a bun… I love this product and I think it’s so versatile. Verb Sea Texture Spray is also around $16.

Sexy Hair Texturizing Finishing Spray

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I am in love with this for a finishing hair spray. It is a medium hold, but it also adds in more texture as well. If you are looking for a hold for curls or an easy beachy wave finishing spray, this is it. Sexy Hair Texturizing spray runs around $20, but they always have deals on it on Ulta. 

Alterna Anti-Aging Bond Repair Serum

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One of the best leave-in products I have found as far as serums go. I am in love with the way that this makes my hair feel, and it has really given my bleached and color treated hair back a lot of the strength that it lost. The formula isn’t super heavy, and the bottle will last you forever because you only need a small amount. Alterna products like this one, and the shampoo/conditioner from the same line, are some of my tried and true hair products.

Davines OI All In One Milk

The BEST leave in treatment out there. I used It’s A 10 products for years, and while they are still good, this has taken the place of that. I use it anytime I actually wash my hair, and it leaves it feeling soft, detangling, healthy, and shiny. A huge thanks to Kelly who colors and cuts my hair (basically makes me beautiful) for recommending this Davines product to me. 

Did you learn anything new from these tips for keeping your hair healthy for fall?

What are some of your favorite products that you have seen make a difference in your hair?

*Cheers to fresh hair, fresh air, and all of the fall things*