We all know that work out and getting proper exercise is not always fun. Sometimes we are just exhausted and we don’t want to do it. Staring at that yoga mat or those weights, trying to burn them with our eyes… you all know what I mean!

But, exercise doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be fun and give you all the benefits that you need to start, continue, or end your day!

Ways to Make Working Out Fun

  1. Change it up: Don’t do the same routine over and over again. Anything on repeat will eventually get boring after a while. Try to through in a new type of exercise class that you haven’t tried, or just go for a run one night day!
  2. Do it with a friend: Workout buddies:) I think that working out with a partner does not get enough credit. Notimage only will they motivate you and can even push you to be better, but they can also make working out fun with enjoyable conversation. They may just laugh at the way you look while working out… or vice versa! But, it’s all out of love! In my case, sometimes that friend is my baby girl. She definitely laughs at her mama!
  3. Get outside:  There is no better way, especially in the warmer months, to have fun while exercising then to take it outside! Go for a walk or run somewhere new and enjoy the scenery. Or get involved with something like a Color Run or a Dirty Dash. Check out some ways that I like to enjoy the outdoors with my family here.
  4. Don’t stress yourself out about it: Don’t count the calories so much or focus on how many pounds you are trying to lose in a week… especially if you are new to working out. Really try to enjoy the way that it makes you feel, and then you will enjoy the results even more!

Would you all like to see an article from a guest blogger on her fitness journey and ideas? Comment below and be sure to let me know what YOU do to make fitness fun!

*Cheers to enjoying your fitness journey*