Are we all excited about this new series? I know I am! Tip Tuesday’s are going to be full of little tips and tricks that I personally use and love. They are going to cover anything and everything from cooking and cleaning tips to decorating and planning. I will probably throw in some fitness and beauty tricks, like this weeks very first ever Tip Tuesday!

Keeping Blemishes Hid Throughout the Day

No one likes dealing with those unsightly red bumps or swollen monsters that we as women tend to get, especially thanks to our wonderful hormones. Even when we think we covered up those bad boys in the morning, somehow they show their pesky little selves in the middle of the day. Here are some tips that I use to cover up those blemishes so that they stay hidden for the bulk of the day.

Start off with the right kind of concealer.  Having the right concealer is the most important step to covering up unwanted anything on your skin. You DO NOT want to use a concealer that is meant for highlighting, like those used in the under-eye area. While those do conceal the dark circles, they also brighten and bring life to that area. We do not want to bring life to blemishes, we want them to die.

Pick a concealer that is close to your skin color with a greenish or pinkish undertone. Those are what I have found work best.  This liquid concealer from MAC  has a brush tip applicator which makes it really easy to apply and it provides great coverage. Another more affordable option for concealer similar to this is Maybelline’s Mineral Power Concealer. image

Once you have the magic of concealer in your possession, the trick to keeping those blemishes really covered is to layer this with a translucent powder. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have always thought that putting liquid on top of powder will create a cakey surface of makeup. In most cases this is true. But, when it comes to spot treatment, this trick will create a layer of coverage without making your entire face look like you have inches of makeup on.

I found this translucent powder by Palladio on the Makeup Geek website. It is fantastic for setting the under-eye, layering with concealer and it is so affordable!


Start with your foundation routine. You will want to do this first because if you apply foundation over your concealer, it may wipe away all the work you have done covering up the problem area. Continue by dotting your concealer wherever  you want something hidden. Place a small amount and blend it in with your (clean) finger by patting it. I found that this works better then a brush in most cases. Then pat in a layer of powder to set it. I repeat this 3 times until I think that bad boy is covered enough. After that, set everything with your favorite setting spray. You can find mine in Summer Beauty Must Haves.



This photo is just an example of a beauty mark on my cheek that I like to put extra coverage on sometimes. This tip really does make it stay covered as long as you have your makeup on!

*Heres to zits, blemishes and bumps. May they always stay covered*