Eyebrows are to eyes as frames are to windows.

I thoroughly believe in the power of the eyebrow and the importance of filling them in. I never used to pay any attention to my brows, besides the necessary hair maintenance.

I have pretty light hair naturally, so without any product on them, my eyebrows were kind of nonexistent. But yet, I still did nothing about that.. NEVER AGAIN.

Fill In Those Brows

Tip: Filling in your eyebrows, even if its just a quick brush through and a clear coat, can do so much to your look. Eyebrows provide such great definition and framing aspects to not only your eyes, but also your entire face. (Check out more easy makeup tips here)

I am not saying that you need to spend an hour on your eyebrows, we aint got time for that! But, even a few minutes spent adding a little color or definition can make a world of difference.

Take a look at this blast from the past…

Before brows-After Brows

Before brows      –        After Brows


As you can see, my eye make-up and facial shape look so much more pulled together with an extra few minutes spent on the eyebrows. Before, it was just like forehead-eyes. Now, I actually have some separation between them, not to mention defining your eyebrows can make your eyes look larger and rounder or more pronounced.

There are tons of different ways to fill in your eyebrows too, depending on your face shape and the natural shape of your brows. Here is an article from Makeup Geek on different ways to do this!

imageI use the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown or Caramel. On one end there is a spooly to comb and shape the brows as well as work the product through, on the other is the softest and greatest brow pencil on earth.


I also use the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to tame any fly-aways. It probably takes me an extra 3-5 minutes to do my brows completely and it is totally worth it!


You can also just comb through them with something tinted that also sets, like this Brow Set from MAC. It takes under a minute, you don’t have to spend the time penciling on your brows if you don’t fancy that idea, but it adds so much!

Using a powder will give you the most natural look, but I use a pencil and think that I achieve a pretty natural looking brow as well.

Make sure that you find a color and shape that works uniquely for you. Otherwise, it will really cause some issues…

Bored? Draw eyebrows on your baby with eyeliner and enjoy :)

That is it for this weeks Tip Tuesday! Next Tuesday will be a tip for all of us online shoppers—>Yay!

Have a wonderful week everyone, check back tomorrow for week 3 of the Trader Joe’s Wine Series.

*Cheers to beautifying those brows*