Cool Cat, Bummer Dude, Bookin’, Copacetic, Going Steady, Flat Top, Gnarly, Groovy….

If you remember using these words on a daily basis, chances are you were around during the 60’s or you still use them because you have a love for that decade.

This Tie Dye Red Blend wine will take you back to that time with it’s colorful label and “groovy” tasting notes.

The label on this bottle was actually hand painted is completely unique to this wine. This blend is from the North Coast of California and is a compilation of 7 different types of wine.

tie dye red blend

Tie Dye Red Blend Wine

Bouquet: I get a lot of blueberry and a hint of sweetness, maybe a light cocoa and cherry combination.

Tasting Notes: Right away, this wine provides a burst of berry flavor to go along with the label’s burst of color. It begins a little bit sweeter with the berry flavor and then moves on to a tart, but smooth finish from the cherry that lingers on the palate for a little while. The levels of flavors in this wine are nice and it provides a very enjoyable glass (or bottle).

I would give this 4 out of 5.

Try this wine out for yourself!

*Cheers to gnarly red blend and a totally stellar glass of wine*

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