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I was contacted by a member of the Thirty-One Gifts sales consultants to do a review on their products. Let me give you some background on the company itself for those that have not heard of them:

Thirty-One Gifts is a a direct sales company that sells affordable, stylish and trendy purses, totes and organizing essentials for the everyday person. Most of the products can also be personalized for that added special touch.

Thirty-One All Day Organizing Tote

The Zip-Top All-Day Organizing Tote is the product that I was sent to review, and also the same product featured in the giveaway. It retails for $45 on the website.

I am always in the market for a new bag that can work for pretty much anything. I hate the look of “normal” diaper bags, and prefer to use a bag that makes me feel a little bit more stylish since I have to carry it around everywhere.

I constantly have a huge purse plus a big diaper bag with me, and the diaper bag is pretty bulky which makes it kind of a hassle. So, finding something cute that will fit everything in it if I need it to has not been an easy task.

I was impressed when I first received the bag based purely on the material and the size. It is has a really sturdy pop-out base and is made of thick, quality canvas. The outside is easy to clean and wipe off. My toddler tested this already with crayons… they do come off with scrubbing!

Not to mention, the bag is black and white chevron print with my initial on the front. SO CUTE! I think black and white is so classic and matches a ton of stuff, which gives this bag an added bonus in this mama’s mind.

You can order this bag in 6 different prints, including this fantastic chevron print, as well as have the front personalized so it fits any and all personalities and styles!

This particular tote has 5 pockets, 4 inside and one on the outside. It is 13.5″x 17.5″. For reference, I put my own diaper bag inside of it, with all the goodness that us moms carry around in those things, so that you could see the size of this tote. (Obviously, I kind of like chevron print)

thirty-one utility tote size

I think that this would be perfect for travel. You could use it as a carry-on for a plane trip or a day bag. the zip-top keeps everything from falling out all over the place. I intend on taking it with me when my family goes out of town for Christmas and we have to be on a plane for 6 hours, with two little ones. Oh boy… I will need to pack this bag full of entertainment so that I don’t lose my mind! Good thing it’s big:)


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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company. I am receiving no monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are my own. This giveaway is sponsored.