Now that our twins are 9 months old (WHAT?!), I thought I would do a run down of what I have found to be things you need when you have twins.

There are so many different articles out there that talk about the “must haves” when you have babies, either single or multiples. After four kids, I don’t think I’m an expert in this area, but there are a lot of things that I have found to be definite “needs” and then just things that are “oh, this might be nice to have”. There are also, of course, the “this is a joke and I have never used it category”.

These are not going to be clothing items or anything like that. These are the bigger “utility” items that are twin-mama-musts!

things you need when you have twins

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things you need when you have twins (and some that you can do without)! If you aren’t a mama yet, or know a soon to be mama of multiples, this is also a great way to help out that new mom and it gives you some baby shower gift ideas:)

Things You Need When You Have Twins

  • Two Boppy Pillows/ Double Boppy Pillow: I have used these since kid #1 and I don’t know what I would do without them. For twins especially, these come in so handy when breastfeeding twins, breastfeeding one and needing a safe place for the second, or just a place for them to hang out in that is slightly elevated. Our twin girl needed to sleep in this all of the time (I know, the horror!), because she was colicky and spit up constantly. breastfeeding twins
  • 1 Swing: YOU DO NOT NEED TWO OF THESE! Seriously. Everyone asked me if I was going to get a second on, and I think between one of these and one little baby bouncer, you are set. You don’t need to buy two of everything (except cribs). But, having one swing was essential to my sanity because it really helped one baby fall asleep or stay preoccupied while I was changing or feeding the other. It helps you feel much less outnumbered!
  • A cloth/wrap style carrier: I use the Wrapy and I absolutely love it. I have also tried out the Moby, but I found the Wrapy to be even more comfortable and easy to carry (it’s also cheaper).things you need when you have twins You can fit twins in it when they are smaller. From about the 5 month point on, I only carried one in it at the time because I never had the need to use it for both at the same time. arizona hikingI don’t think that the normal carriers that aren’t wrap style even compare to these anymore, because I just love the way that the babies fit inside of the Wrapy. You can use this code for 15% your order of the Wrapy: E783-MZU268-RNK6LH   (Not an affiliate link 🙂 )
  • A Diaper Genie: Some people think that these are a waste with one baby because the bags that go inside of them can get expensive. But, let me tell, two babies means double the diapers and unless you want you’re entire house smelling like baby butt, invest in one of these! We have always used the Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail and we love it.
  • Diaper Stockpile: Unless you are clothe diapering (go you if you are!:)), having a big pile of diapers in a variety of sizes will save you so much time and money in those first few months. At our baby shower, we asked people to bring diapers for a raffle and also as gifts. We had diapers stockpiled for the first 4 months, which was so amazing! You go through about 20 diapers a day, per baby, in the first month. If you do the rest of the math, they add up quickly!
  • A Double Stroller: This is a NEED TO HAVE item, especially if you have older children as well (toddlers), that might still need to ride in a stroller too. Yes, they are bulky. Yes, they are heavy. But they have saved us when it comes to actually leaving the house… not that I do much of that these days;) The Graco Ready2Grow has worked well for us, even though it is heavy, because it is font and back inside of side-to-side seating, which I think makes getting in and out of doorways and such nearly impossible.
  • Wine: Purely because you have double the mommy duties now:)

Are you a parent of multiples? What would you add to this list?

*Here’s to being a mama of multiples*

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