Do you ever feel like your beloved significant other just DOES NOT GET IT?

Sometimes as wives and mothers, we realize that there are certain things that happen throughout our days, with the kids, with our bodies, with our emotions, and so on, that our husbands just don’t get. There are days where I just give my husband “the look” when we are having a conversation and wonder if he was even listening because of the blank stare I am getting. He listens, just doesn’t know what to say.


This is pretty much the story of my life in a picture

Just give me a minute here – I don’t want you to start reading this and think, “what a terrible wife thinking that her husband doesn’t get her… she doesn’t think men have any emotions… she’s a man hater…” No, no… I know that my husband loves me dearly and tries to understand everything about me the best that he can. He is without a doubt my best friend in the entire world. But men; husbands, dads, friends, in general just cannot grasp certain things.

Things Our Men Don’t Get

– They don’t understand (unless of course they are the stay at home parent) what it’s like to be home a lone with our kid(s) all. day. long. I love the fact that I can be a stay-at-home-mom, get to attend school and write, but sometimes the days are long. I don’t mean long like “I just need to sit down for a minute” long… I mean long like “I want to shut myself in a quiet room ALONE with a glass bottle of wine.” If I go somewhere for a few hours and my hubby is home with our girls, especially when they are teething or have gone without a nap, he always tells me he doesn’t know how I do it. 

Yes honey, when you get home I might be really short with you and snappy because the kids were acting like crazy humans today and I want to pull my hair out. I spent the day washing dishes 5 times, changing an infinite amount of diapers and listening to hours of crying. Not to mention scrubbing crayon off furniture and making sure or human vacuum of a daughter doesn’t have anything in her mouth every 10 seconds. I am sorry that you don’t understand my attitude. But I still love you. Men, Silhouette, Tie, Businessmen

– They also don’t understand our emotional patterns. I say patterns to be nice, because let’s be honest here, women are emotional wrecks from time to time. We can be little fem-monsters from you-know-where. When we go through these times, the man in our life doesn’t really know what to do because they don’t have to experience the wonders of womanhood like we do. I will be the first to admit that I can be hard to handle… most of the time!

– The drama. I personally HATE female negativity and drama with and towards other women. It literally frustrates me more than anything that my children have ever done (that is saying A LOT!). But, it is bound to happen because one way or another, we all get drawn into it. When I try to explain to my husband what happened or the incident surrounding the situation, he looks at my dumbfounded, like “why is does this issue even exist”. He doesn’t get it because he gets along great with everyone, and when his friends or male acquaintances have an issue they don’t get caddy with one another, they just talk, like normal people, and don’t let their emotions get in the way. This is me being bitter. I have a slight jealously towards the way that men can always seem to handle conflict and drama so much easier.

– And they just cannot get a hold on the way we handle our feelings when we have a bad day. A fellow blogger friend was talking the other day about how she had a terrible blogging day and needed to tell someone besides her husband, because it was just not something that he really understood. This happens to me all the time! Things will come up with the site, school, church, family or life in general and I handle it in a very specific way emotionally. This specific way is a foreign concept to my husband. It is hard for them to understand the things we hold of high importance, or things that we take really personally because usually, they are things that men would handle 100% different. They do understand that when we do have a bad day, that they need to pull out the wine and let us deal with our business, supporting us in their own way.

Ladies, let’s not be so hard on our husbands when they don’t understand things that we wish they would. They aren’t women, they aren’t built like we are (thank goodness), and there are certain things that they will NEVER get no matter how hard we try to make them. wpid-testUpload.png

What They DO Get:

How to be AMAZING fathers

How to be WONDERFUL husbands

How to be EXTREMELY supportive, even if they don’t get it

*Cheers to the men in our lives*