Lately, I have been trying really hard to help my kids understand the idea of cleanliness in our house, putting things where they are supposed to go, and the fact that everything has a place. I know… I’m totally Type A clean freak. The creator of the U.S.H. reached out to me with a neat product that is perfect for this!the u.s.h.

The U.S.H., or the Unmatched Sock Hanger, is a neat device with tons of different uses. Not only does it serve to help kids organize things like missing socks, it can also help us as parents with organizing or having things in a place where kids can reach them.

Organizing with the U.S.H.

full logoWhen I first saw a picture, I will admit that I was a little skeptical on its uses. However, when it arrived, I realized that it has a ton of potential. Even my kiddos helped me think of ways to use it!

Some of our favorite ways to use it are hanging up hair accessories, which it is amazing for! We also tried it with baby shoes, which really works for those little shoes that always get misplaced.
Another way that we used The U.S.H. is to hang fruit snack bags from it. This gives my kids easy access to snacks (although they still have to ask before getting one). But this way, I don’t have to get them for them. It enhances their independence, and frees up a few more moments in this mamas day!

IMG_4838Currently, we are using it to organize my daughter’s postcards that she got from her Nana and Papa when they were driving all over the country. Now, it serves as a piece of decor in their room, whereas before, the postcards were just put away somewhere that she couldn’t really enjoy them.


How It Works

The U.S.H is covered in heavy duty clamps that allow you to hold things as thin as a postcard, or thicker than a toddler shoe. It comes in a ton of different colors, so you can customize it to either your kids room, nursery, play room, etc… You can use it horizontally or vertically, and there are notches all along one side, and the hook travels along and can be placed in any of those notches.

This product is handmade in the home of the creator of Ushy, and you can see the passion for the device in the way that it was created and how much time and effort have been invested into this Kickstarter.

Check out this video to for the promo of The U.S.H in the Kickstarter and see how many other ways you can use this. You might see an adorable and familiar face in there;-) From drying flowers, to measuring cups, tank tops, lingerie, and of course, to kids socks, there are a lot of options for this unique device.

This is something that so many people can use, in a ton of different ways!

You can find the U.S.H. on Instagram as well to get a better visual picture of how it works:)

*Cheers to new devices that make our lives for organized*

joanna at motherhood and merlot