Over the years, I have gotten really into makeup. I mean REALLY obsessed with wearing it, the latest products, trying out whatever I can get my hands on. Playing with makeup is so much fun for me! I’ve also gotten a lot of grief as a mom who wears as much makeup as I do at times. This post was written to share what the power of makeup does for me.

the power of makeupThis original was started by Nikkie Tutorials, a Youtuber that I just adore. She has some amazing makeup skills, but she also wanted to share what the power of makeup did for her, and how she came to love it.

Ever since then, the power of makeup hashtag and challenge has been everywhere.

The Power of Makeup

I used to be extremely self-conscious about what I looked like without makeup. Like, I wouldn’t even leave the house without it. Even after I started having kids, I was still really aware of my “flaws”, at least as I saw them. I have had major self-confidence woes after having my kids.

Once I started really getting into makeup, something changed. I learned what really suited my face shape and style (post on my worst makeup mistakes coming soon), the right type of makeup for my skin type, and the many different amounts of makeup that you can wear to achieve different looks.

All of this also taught me to be comfortable in my own skin.

pom 1

The power of makeup is that you can be whoever you want to be, and at the end of the day it washes right off. It allows you to wear a sheer amount, just to provide a hint of evenness to the skin. Or, you can pack on all of the heavy coverage foundation, bronzer, blush, powder, false eyelashes, etc… which is my preference if I am going to put the effort in;)

I love that makeup makes you feel beautiful, but not in the way that you feel ugly without it. It just makes you feel as though your already beautiful features are enhanced.

pom 2It also makes me feel creative. Makeup has given me an enormous creative outlet since I have had children. It is something that I get to have that is just “my time”. Time to make myself feel put together, normal, and sexy again.

Yes, I said it. As a mom, I don’t really feel “sexy” ever, and makeup gives me that for a day or a night or an hour.

The power of makeup isn’t something to be scoffed at our to judge people who wear a lot of makeup because “they’re so fake”. Makeup was made to enhance the beauty that every person already has.

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What do you love most about makeup?

*Cheers to makeup and the fun that we get to have with it*

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