Whenever a new palette comes up in collaboration with a big brand and a YouTuber, I am all about it. I absolutely love seeing those with so much skill on YouTube get the recognition they deserve from large makeup brands. I will admit that I am a YouTube junkie and follow quite a list of people. The Power of Makeup Palette is a collaboration between Too Faced and NikkieTutorials.

Review and photos of the Power of Makeup palette by Too Faced and Nikkie Tutorials. A full honest review of the kit. I have done reviews on several other YouTube collaborations like the Jaclyn Hill and Becca face palette, the Beauty Killer palette by Jeffery Star, the Manny MUA and Makeup Geek Palette, and others. I have high hopes when it comes to these because I feel like these people know what makes good quality makeup, and I personally wouldn’t expect anything with my name on it to be anything less than that.

The Power of Makeup Palette Kit

img_5279The Power of Makeup Palette and kit retail for $56 on Ulta.com. It comes with:

  • One on-the-go palette: 9 new eye shadows, 2 shades of Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush, highlighter in Champagne Truffle from our Chocolate Bar collection (Nikkie’s go-to shade for the perfect glow!), and bestselling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara in a limited edition PURPLE shade
  • Full size Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner in Deep Black
  • Deluxe glittering Glamour Dust in Blue Angel
  • Deluxe Shadow Insurance 24-Hour Eye Primer

As far as the palette itself goes, it comes with 9 different eyeshadows in a few different finishes. The colors are swatched from left to right. img_5281

  • Ivy- matte off white
  • Sugar Coated- frosted baby pink with glitter
  • Frosted Yum- frosted silvery green with glitter
  • Irresistible- true gold metallic
  • PainKiller- medium brown matte
  • Makeup and Chill- deep warm brown matte
  • Mystic Hour- teal metallic
  • Wham Bam- bright purple metallic
  • Wanted- matte black

The shadows were sadly hit and miss for me. I have a section (pictured below) that I think are all total wins, and then the top is just meh. The first three shades are so similar in tone, and I wish they hadn’t put both Sugar Coated and Frosted Yum in the palette, maybe just one of them. They are also really patchy, and hard to get pigment out of.

Irresistible is just okay, but nothing special. The last five shades are beautiful and unique. I am so glad that they added the two matte browns, and then of course a black is necessary, although this one is patchy and doesn’t show up as black when it is swatched with a brush. Mystic Hour and Wham Bam and gorgeous and really fun pops of color. Also in my favorites was the “I Will Always Love You” blush.

img_5283The blushes that come with the palette are “I will always love you” and “Justify my love”. The first is a peach blush with a satin finish, and it is stunning! The second is a hot pink blush with some shimmer, and the pigment is just okay. Plus, it does not do well with a brush and I am not a huge fan of any blush with glitter or shimmer. img_5275

The two other face products are the Chocolate Soleil bronzer, which I have always been a huge fan of. However, I think this one might be less creamy and pigmented than the original Also, a highlight in the shade “Champagne Truffle”, which is a peachy champagne color. I was disappointed in the texture of the highlight and the color payoff wasn’t great unless you build it up. So the four face products were 1.5/4 wins for me.

img_5273As far as the extras go, I am torn on them. While I do think it is awesome that this palette included its own little goodie bag full of things, the items are hit and miss for me. The eyeshadow primer is a good one, but comes in a tiny sample size. I am obsessed with the Better Than Sex Mascara, but it is in purple and I just don’t reach for purple mascara often (or ever). The Sketch Marker draws a sharp line, but I find that it really flakes off if you try to layer it. It is not my favorite black liner by any means. The one thing I am really excited about is the Glamour Dust glitter, because it is a gorgeous color and this tiny jar will last forever!

Overall, I can’t decide whether or not this palette is worth it. I would say if you love to collect makeup, like I do, then go for it. There are still some available. But, some of the products just weren’t that great in terms of quality, and I wish the extra items would have been a little bit more useable overall.

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What do you think of this palette? What fall collabs are coming out that I need to get my hands on?

*Cheers to bold makeup looks in fun colors*

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