It’s that time of year when everything get’s especially dry on our bodies, thanks to the weather change. Even here in Arizona, where it doesn’t really get that cold, I still get extremely dry skin and need something that helps eliminate that.

The Original Coffee Scrub is a company out of California that makes a variety of different coffee scrubs. I’ve talked about quite a few coffee scrub products here that I have tried for myself, and as always, these are my honest opinions and thoughts about the product after I have given it a try for at a few months.

coffee scrub

The Original Coffee Scrub

The Original Coffee Scrub has three different scents; organic rose, french vanilla, and coconut. All of these are priced at $14.97, which is an extremely fair price for the amount that you get. I have had mine for 3 months now and have used a little over half of my bag, with one use per week (the recommended is 1-2 times a week).

The scrub that I am reviewing here is the organic rose blend. This contains the following:

Ingredients: (7oz) Ground Organic Coffee Beans, Grapeseed Oil, Mentha Aquatica, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Glycerin, Water, Macademia Nut Oil, Vitamin E, Cinnamon Cassia Essential Oil, Rose Petal Oil

The claims of this product as stated on their website,

“Think of me as the protector, the fixer, and the beautifier of your sensitive skin. I’m filled with antioxidants which help   neutralize the effects of aging, drying, and dead skin. I exfoliate your skin to help remove residual dirt, and to give you a fresher, younger, more moisturized appearance.

I’m organic, and I leave you smelling and looking healthier and more vibrant than ever before, other exfoliates use chemicals and acidic properties that may harm your skin.”

Product Review:


I love the smell of this product. It retains an obvious coffee flavor but has a hint of freshness from the rose petal oil. I love the lingering smell that it leaves on the skin.

This is also more finely milled than some other coffee scrubs that I have tried, which I like because it seems to stick better and a smaller amount goes farther on the skin. It is still very exfoliating without being overly abrasive.

The one thing I will say is that this product leaves a slight oily film on the skin (bronze tinted from the coffee and oil combo). It easily comes off with a little body wash, or you could leave it if you wanted to the extra moisture throughout the day. I can’t speak to this though because I always wash it off.

In terms of the claims of this product, it does leave your skin feeling very smooth. I like to use this product once a week and it leaves my skin feeling soft and not dry for quite awhile. I love that is is all natural and that it uses organic ingredients. The price is also a win for me!

I have used it on my stretch marks, but I can’t speak to any real effect on those as of yet. I could post an update after I use all of the product, or try and different type from this line, as I have found different coffee scrubs/ingredients to be more effective than others.

The verdict… it is definitely worth trying out! I would love to try out the other two scents and do a comparison with the other coffee scrub that I have reviewed on this site previously.

What is your favorite coffee scrub?

*Cheers to silky skin that smells like roses and fresh coffee*
joanna at motherhood and merlot