With Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to say a quick “thank you” to all of you that read and support this website. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you and for the relationships that I have been able to build over the past 1.5 years. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving with your friends and family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


There are so many things that I am thankful for this year, but these are just a few of them:)


I am thankful that I get to spend this holiday with more siblings than I have spent it with in years.

I am thankful that I now have four children to spend this holiday season with. Our family has doubled! I am even more thankful that I get to teach them all about the importance of gratitude and showing them how many things we have to be grateful for.

I am thankful for my husband who works so diligently for our family, and who loves us unconditionally.

I am thankful for my family, both blood related and not, who have continually supported me through all of the ups and downs that life has thrown.

I am thankful that I was able to watch my niece come into this world.

I am thankful for the health medical system. Although it has its pros and cons, without it, I don’t know what these last months would have been like.

I am thankful for the men and women who serve our country, and who don’t get to be home this year.

I am thankful that I live in a country where I am free to celebrate this holiday.

I am thankful for the health of my family.

I am thankful to have a loving God and for the amazing power of prayer.

I am thankful for each and every one of you reading this post.

What are you most thankful for this year?

*Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving*

joanna at motherhood and merlot