Toddlers and early childhood years are when many children realize the difference between being kind and unkind. Teaching kindness to kids, especially during this time, is crucial to helping your child flourish into a positive member of society. We all want our children to grow up with the ability and the desire to be kind to others, but sometimes it is a challenge to teach characteristics like this to children. It may even be hard to show kindness as an adult as we can get caught up in the busyness of everyday life.

We can sometimes forget that kindness is a virtue, and spreading kindness to others is one of the best ways that anyone can make this world a better place. It is our job as parents to show and teach them how to appropriately show kindness and the importance of having a grateful heart and attitude.

There are a lot of ways that parents can go about teaching kindness to kids. Here is a list of some great ways to do this, games, positivity, and more!

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3 Ways To Start Teaching Kindness To Kids

1. Show them that being kind is fun with an interactive way to pay it forward. 

My kids love to be taught things through games and play. What better way to start teaching kindness to kids than to let them actively do small acts of kindness, and then track those acts being passed along all over the globe? With The Good Cards, you can do just that. The Good Card is a real life game created to inspire more people to spread happiness one good deed at a time, one Good Card at a time.

It allows you to do you small act of kindness, depending on which card you receive, and then pass the card to someone else. You can watch the progress of the card being passed around, and all of these small acts of kindness being passed along as well. This is a game that you could play as a family, you could help them play, or you could allow them to play on their own.

There are a lot of ways that parents can go about teaching kindness to kids. Here is a list of some great ways to do this, games, positivity, and more!

To play this game, a person starts with The Good Card which is either given to you by someone else or obtained after donating as little as $2 to Better World, who keeps this game going. The card itself is made out of a special and environmentally-safe plastic that bio-degrades back into our Earth if it’s dropped or lost by someone. 

Once someone has a card, they’re supposed to scan it using The Good Card game app that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device. The app will then guide that person through a mission to do something kind for someone else, as anonymously as possible. Once they’ve done their good deed, the ‘hero’ will then need to ask the other person to simply pass on the kindness by doing something good for someone else. The ‘hero’ will then give them The Good Card, to continue the game. That person will then scan the card themselves, and follow the same process creating a chain of reaction.


2. Show them how you, as a parent, are kind to others.

Giving them the kindness that you are trying to instill in them is one of the greatest things we can do as parents. I don’t really like the saying, “Do as I say, and not as I do”, although it is necessary sometimes… But, parents should do everything that they can to be role models for their children and we should want them to do as we do.

If we are constantly being rude to others around our children, we can’t really expect them to grow up thinking anything other than that is what they are supposed to be doing. If they see us getting angry at grocery store clerks, having road rage, not holding the door open when we should, etc… then what they see is that kindness is a questionable trait, and it is not something that is necessary. We need to show them that kindness is valuable and important as a society and as individuals.

3. Acknowledge when they do something kind. 

Reminding them how wonderful it is that they are kind to family and friends, thanking them for being sweet to their siblings, or for holding the door open, or for donating some of their allowance to a good cause, are all ways to acknowledge the small acts of kindness that our children are displaying. I am not saying that they need to be rewarded for being kind, but letting them know that we see the effort they are making is confirmation for them that kindness is a positive trait.

What are some of the other ways that you think could be helpful when teaching kindness to kids? 

*Here’s to raising kind and good members of society*

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