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I haven’t done an in-depth makeup review in forever, so I thought I would so one this week about a newer product that hit the shelves a little bit before the holidays; the Tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette.

tartelette in bloom review

Some of you may be familiar with the original Tartelette palette that came out a while back. Spoiler alert… I like this one better!

Tartelette in bloom Review

This is a 75% matte palette, with 9/12 of the shadows being completely matte and 3/12 being satin/shimmer shades. Those three shades don’t have any chunky glitter in them, but they are more “shiny” than your typical satin eyeshadow. I will be breaking it down row by row in this review.

tartelette in bloom review

This retails for $45 and can be found at Ulta.

First of all, the quality of these shadows is top-notch. Like most of their Amazonia clay shadows, these are so buttery and smooth, they blend really easily, and the shades are beautiful. There is only one shade that I was slightly disappointed in, but we will get to that later.

The packaging is gorgeous, and it comes in a nice sturdy case that would be perfect for travel. It also includes a full size mirror on the inside of the palette.

I love that they included cool, warm, and mauve shades in this palette because I am someone who likes a little bit of everything in my collection. My one complaint about this palette is that they do kick up quite a bit of powder when you dip your brush in to pick up product. However, if you go at it with a light hand it isn’t too bad.

The first row is where you will find the cool toned shades. From light to dark: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, & Smokeshow.

younique 2These shadows are beautiful, pigmented, and include all of the shades you need for either an all matte or a statement smokey eye with a pop of shimmer on the lid. Charmer is a great matte highlight shade for under the brow bone or to brighten up the lid. Jetsetter is an amazing transition shade as for to add in to any eye look. Rocker is the cool-toned taupe shimmer in this palette. Smokeshow is a dark, cool gray.

The second row is your warmer shades. From light to dark: Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker, & Activist.

younique 3This is my go-to row because I love a warm eyeshadow look. Flower child and Smarty Pants could both be used as a transition shade depending on your skin tone. Obviously on me you can barely see Flower Child because it is so close to my skin color. Smarty Pants is also a beautiful crease color for those simple makeup days. Firecracker is an intense satin, warm bronze. Activists is a really dark chocolate-brown, with a hint of a plum undertone.

The third row includes some pink/mauve/purple shades that are my favorite. From light to dark: Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel, & Leader.

younique 4The original Tartelette palette had a lot of these mauve/plum shades included in it, so I was so glad that this one did as well. Funny Girl is your typical champagne shimmer with a hint of pink. Sweetheart is your light, pinky-rose color that would work really well as a transition for the other shades or for any purple eye look. Rebel is a rich dusty mauve color, one of my favorites in this entire palette. Leader is deep plum color that would make for a show-stopping purple smokey eye. This row is beautiful!

Funny Girl is the one shade that I was disappointed in. The color is gorgeous in the palette, but blended out it almost turns into nothing. On my skin tone, it barely shows up, it’s a little bit patchy, and your really need to pack the color on to get the payoff that you would want from a satin/shimmer shade like this.

Overall, this palette was a win for me! I love, love, love it and you could do so many looks with the shades included. If you are going to choose between the Tartelette in bloom and the original Tartelette, I say this is the winner by far.

*Cheers to palettes that become staples in our collection*

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