Warm weather, beach time, pool visits, barbeques… all of that means it’s summer time! To me, nothing pairs better with summer barbeques and outdoor fun than a good glass of wine. There are some wines that are just meant to be enjoyed during the warmer months, so I am bringing you a list of my favorite summer winesπŸ™‚

When searching for the perfect summer wine, the key words seem to be “light”, “crisp”, and “refreshing”, as well as “serve chilled” πŸ˜‰ Not many people, in my opinion, really enjoy a heavy, extremely dry wine while they are sitting outside in hot weather.

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Summer Wines

  • My favorite wine for the summer is a Sauvignon Blanc. Not too sweet, with a good balance of citrus, this type of wine makes for the perfect summer beverage. It can be served really chilled or only slightly, and the flavor is still wonderful. Kim Crawford makes a FANTASTIC Sauvignon Blanc, along with the Trader Joe’s Coastal Sauvignon Blanc . A new one I recently discovered as well is the 2011 Drylands Sauvignon Blanc, which is perfect for a summer barbeque.
  • I recently reviewed the Grand Cadeau RosΓ©, and it has quickly jumped to the top of my summer wine favorites! I love a semi-sweet sparkling wine, chilled and ready to sip during the warmer months.
  • Pinot Grigio is an obvious pick for warmer months. With crisp fruit flavors that are best when chilled, it is a great pairing for many different barbecue foods and hot weather. This is by far one of my favorite white wines. Try these out next time you are browsing the wine section: Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio, Green Fin Pinot Grigio (I picked mine up from Trader Joe’s), and these two new finds: King Estate Signature Pinot Gris and Maryhill Pinot Gris. Pair any of these with some grilled salmon and you have the perfect summer meal.
  • If you really love sweet, and something that is great when it’s chilled and even over ice if you want, I would go for a pink moscato. This Flip Flop moscato that I reviewed last season is perfect for sharing with girl friends, enjoying outside by the pool, or when you are craving something sweet and refreshing. Another one that really enjoy is RosΓ© over ice. So delicious! These wines are usually accompanied by a cherry and/or strawberry flavor with some citrus.
  • Red’s are my favorite type of wine, but a lot of them don’t seem to be as fitting when it’s hotter outside. However, I refuse to give up drinking a good red wine just because it’s hot out. Pinot Noir is a great option since they are usually lighter and can be served slightly chilled if you so desire. Some of my favorites include: Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot Noir, Rex Hill Pinot Noir, and 2009 La Crema Pinot Noir.
  • Sangria is ALWAYS a good idea in the summer as well. It isn’t my favorite drink, but I do love a glass by the pool every now and again. I think a staple is the large jugs of Carlo Rossi Sangria… it’s EXTRA classy;)

What are your favorite wines to drink when the weather is hot?

*Cheers to enjoying the warm weather and a chilled glass of wine*

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