This is my “Ode to Summer” wine review as we say goodbye to it and welcome the fall.

This really is not the type of wine that you would want to drink in the fall or paired with many of the foods that come out in the cooler season.

Unfortunately, in Arizona, we could still be wearing flip-flops for another two months at least.  So, this review may just be my way of dreaming for the cooler weather and warm, comfort foods of fall.

pink moscato wine review

flipflop Pink Moscato

This fun, pink wine from California’s flipflop Wines is pretty much the girliest summer wine that there is. The bottle is bright pink and covered in girly details like shoes, flowers, seashells and berries.

Smell: Like candy in a bottle. If the scent of sugar coated flowers and strawberries came together and had a baby, it would smell like this wine does.

Taste: If you love sweet wines, you will love this one. It almost has a heaviness too it because of the amount of sweet that is in this glass.

This wine is a combination of strawberry, passion fruit, finished off with some sugary bubbles and a nice spritzy finish. It seems like there is some carbonation to it, although in reality their probably isnt.

Although I am not a huge fan of really sweet wines, or really a fan at all after one one glass, this wine wasn’t all that bad. If you are one who likes Rieslings and other Moscat0’s, this is right up your alley.

It would be the kind of wine that I would drink, over ice, next to the pool on a nice, sunny day. It would be a great lunch wine with a really light salad or sandwich.

Overall, for what this wine is, I would give it a 3.5 in the sweet wines category. If I was putting it on the list of wines that I’ve tried… probably a 2 only because my personal preference is wines that are not this sweet.

What do you think? Are you more of a sweet wine type of are you more about bolder flavors and drier wines?

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*Cheers to the memories of summer 2014*

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