Recently, my family got to try out Stitch Fix for all of us. I had no idea that they offered Stitch Fix for kids AND for men too! After receiving the boxes, I had to do a Stitch Fix review for you all.

I had previously used Stitch Fix maternity when I was pregnant, and really enjoyed it. Since then, I have not used it as much as I would like. I mean, clothes to your door and a personal shopper? That’s amazing, especially as a mama with four little ones.

I did some unboxings on my IG page, and shared a little bit more about the boxes over there as well.

Stitch Fix Review

Kids Boxes:

Each of my four little ones got a box to try out for themselves. Honestly, they were all a hit! My girls enjoyed digging into it, and trying to wear all of the clothes on the same day. So. Much. Laundry. 😉

My oldest is very specific in her tastes, and she only wears matching outfits that are “stylish” (her words, not mine).

Her box was great for her, and she was in love with a lot of the items. Her entire outfit in this shot is from her fix.


Again, their entire outfits are from their fixes (minus the boots on my littlest princess). Our 5YO wears that color block puffer jacket every single day here! She is in love with it. They didn’t have a ton of winter clothes, so this was perfect.

There were a lot of unicorn themed items in all of our girl’s boxes, and a couple of the same outfits, just in different sizes. I would say that this was the only thing I would have changed about their fixes.

The jacket again… she is obsessed! The leopard print jacket, black leggings, and the tutu skirt my other daughters are wearing were also a part of their fixes.

My son’s fix was super cute, albeit there were a lot of dinosaur items (thankfully, he loves them). I would have liked to see a touch more variety, but the clothing was adorable. There was a pair of dinosaur rainboots that are just the cutest. He loves them!

This was most of his fix, minus the two dinosaur shirts that he tore out of the box and wore immediately. Plus, I LOVED that they included pajamas in his, because I feel like kids never have enough of those.

Men’s Box:

My husband is a huge Stitch Fix believer now. He loved every single item in his box, and he also loved that he didn’t have to go anywhere for it. All of the items fit him, and his style, to perfection.

When we were talking later about what he would have sent back or changed, there wasn’t an item in there that he wanted to exchange or return. He did wish there were shoes in the box, but that wasn’t specified so, next time hubs!

The henley top and jeans are both from his fix. Major points to his stylist! He’s hooked.

Women’s Box:

Now, just a little disclaimer, I am a tough person to shop for. I have very specific tastes and pretty much stick to those. I am not unwilling to try a new style, but I also just like what I like (especially when it comes to comfort and ease of wear, while still being stylish).

The jeans in my box were probably my favorite item. I loved the fit and I don’t have a lot of jeans that aren’t super distressed, so these were great.

The striped tie front top was super cute, and great with a pair of high-waisted pants. The Toms were so comfortable, but not really my style, so my little sister got an early Christmas present:)

Fingers crossed for something like this in my next fix, because I am OBSESSED!

Overall, I highly recommend Stitch Fix, especially for little ones and guys don’t like to shop for themselves. It makes it so easy to get an entire, seasonal wardrobe change for them, with great brands, at decent prices that you set.

◯  The average price point for Women’s and Men’s is $55 per item, and Kids’ items start at $10 each.

◯  Stitch Fix carries 300+ b​ rands​ such as Alice and Olivia, Splendid, Theory, Scotch and Soda, and Rumi + Ryder.

◯  No subscription required, you can get a Fix anytime you want. Either on-demand or on a regular cadence – every few weeks, once a month or every season.

◯  You pay $20 to have your Fix curated by a personal stylist, which applies towards anything you keep (including your

Extras). If you keep all five of your Stylist Picks, you get a 25% discount on your entire purchase!

◯  Shipping is always free both ways (and for exchanges too!)

You can sign up for Stitch Fix here! 

*Here’s to new clothes, without ever leaving your home*